What foods cannot be reheated twice

Many of us heated the same meals several times and do not think about the consequences. However, not all foods are safe to eat after re-heating.

There are some products which, due to its special molecular structure after re-heating become a real poison, according to medinfo.ua with reference to panno4ka.net.


The nitrate content in beets is helpful for our body, but never heat the beets two or more times if you want to maintain your health.


The starch contained in the potato is beneficial for health, but when you heat it up several times — it loses its nutritional value and healing properties, and becomes a poison that can harm the body.


The effect of high temperatures on the eggs can be very dangerous. Eating eggs after cooking — useful, but very dangerous if you raise them the next day.


Chicken is delicious, but you have to eat it immediately after cooking. Warming up the chicken the next day you change the structure of the protein, which in turn leads to problems with digestion. Chicken contains more protein than red meat, and it is recommended to use cold.


The hot mushrooms can have a negative impact on your body. Contained in mushrooms lipids, phosphatides and essential oil to re-heat treated, making them a real poison for the heart and intestines. Eat mushrooms immediately after cooking. But if you want to eat them later, never heat them. This can lead to serious heart problems and digestive system.