Mad cow disease trump

“The spirit of Russia is the spirit of cynicism”.

Joseph Conrad (Joseph Conrad), a writer, 1911.

Two cows talking in a field.

— You heard about this mad cow disease?

— Of course

— I’m very concerned.

— I am not.


— I’m a rabbit.

This joke appeared in a British newspaper 15 years ago, when the threat of mad cow disease hanging over half of humanity. Newspaper headlines in Britain, where it was first recorded cases hysterically announced the deaths of millions of people. The British government ordered the destruction of five million cows, meat consumption in Europe has decreased dramatically, and pastoralists have experienced a real nightmare. Many of them committed suicide.

After the hysteria was over, I spoke to John Adams (John Adams), lecturer at University College London, expert in risk. He told me that the panic was not caused by science. “In the end, it was not a matter of objective truth, and what people believe.”

All this makes us think about a much more dangerous, contagious, and real-existing brain disease that haunts us today. It suppresses the ability and even the desire of tens of millions of people to distinguish truth from falsehood. It was possible to determine the oskotinivanie person. But originated not in Britain, and in Russia, where she is the incubation period lasts for several centuries.

Nevertheless, the UK became the first Western country that embraced the disease, known in history under the name “campaign for withdrawal from the EU”, or Breksi. It happened in the middle of 2016. From there it spread to USA and covered 63 million people of this country, distraught to the point that chose Donald trump President. Now there is the risk that the next victim will be the population of France in case of victory of marine Le Pen (Marine Le Pen) presidential elections in may of this year.

The Russian did not patented the deception as a tool of power. But for several centuries, from the time that significantly preceded the Bolshevik revolution, they use it to lubricate the state machinery. In 1787 Empress Catherine II contributed to the emergence of the famous myth about Potemkin villages, designed to hide poverty in the recently conquered Crimea.

Polish writer Joseph Conrad, who wrote in English in his book, published in 1911, says “almost sublime contempt for truth” from the Russian state. About Stalin at all and can not speak. As for Vladimir Putin, the lie has become a familiar part of his speeches. A good example was, in particular, the denial of the obvious involvement of the Russian military in the next annexation of Crimea in 2014.

In 2015, the Englishman of Russian origin Peter Pomerantsev published a book about Putin’s Russia titled “Nothing is true and everything is possible.” After working for ten years as a TV producer in Moscow, he describes in this book how power distorts reality. The pseudo party pseudo democracy with legitimize pseudouridine system and the media, spreading false news with the aim to perpetuate the actual power of the police state in which the real opposition are threatened, imprisoned, and in certain cases and kill.

This, however, does not prevent Putin, this lightweight version of Stalin, to become worshiped like Donald trump, and marine Le Pen (Marine Le Pen) and Nigel Farage (Nigel Farage) to ensure the victory of Breccia in a referendum in June last year. They admire his cynicism. Trump has reached the point that during the election campaign called on the Kremlin to throw negative information about his opponent, Hillary Clinton (Hillary Clinton), what did the hackers at the service of Putin, as proven by all US intelligence agencies.

After the avalanche of hints that the FBI is investigating the participation of Russia in the campaign of trump with the aim of influencing its result, many came to the conclusion that the new American President been planted in the White house a Moscow puppet. This, of course, nonsense. But what really happened is that Putin won, which never dreamed of, over the old enemy.

The political arena in the United States Russified. For half of Americans today, no matter what statements of their government lying. They have forgotten the reason in the name of faith and, as a slave to the slaughterhouse cattle, happily allow President associates to deceive themselves. American journalist of Russian origin Masha Gessen (Masha Gessen) wrote in The New York Review of Books: “Lies — that’s the only message. And it’s not just that Putin and trump lie, but they do it the same way and with one goal: shamelessly and to crush the power of the truth.”

At the forefront

What to do? Unlike Russia, the US, fortunately there are institutional “antibodies” such as Congress, the courts and the press have already smelled the smell of a new Watergate scandal. In France and Germany, too, there are similar defense mechanisms, and they have taken measures to provide security for the elections in the face of Russian threats.

But in America, the trump has already won. Half the country already infected with the virus “alternative facts” with a light hand naive definition of counselor to the President and the leader of his election campaign, Kellyann Conway (Kellyanne Conway). Now I have to fight to the disease that has already affected so many brains did not spread to the bone marrow of the political system.

In this fight at the forefront is the so-called traditional American press. That is why in one of his meanest tweets the main Troll country and a serial liar of the nation called The New York Times, NBC, ABC, CBS, CNN and other media outlets “enemies of the American people.” The battle is in full swing. On the scales of democracy George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, two true presidents. Donald trump is not. He’s not even a rabbit. He is a mad cow.