Crash test for a beauty salon: what to look for in order not to fall into the hands of incompetent beauticians

After two plus weeks of spring! That means it’s time to clean the feathers and enroll for masters in beauty salons. Now they are in every city — a lot, but unfortunately, not all provide quality services. Meanwhile, visiting questionable establishments could lead not only to sloppy manicure or damaged hair, and much more serious problems: in a poor beauty salon, you can get injuries of various kinds, catching a fungus, lice and even such dangerous infectious diseases as hepatitis C and HIV.

So come to the place where you put on makeup, must be very responsible. Together with experts we figured out what to look for when choosing the salon, what documents you need to demand from professionals and what services it is better to turn to health centers.

Our experts:

  • Oleg Ogorodnik, lawyer, partner of law Bureau “Lyahutko and partners”
  • Henrietta of Gorsi, Director of the Clinic of cosmetology & SPA “Bellezza”


In choosing a beauty salon works great method of word of mouth: surely you have friends or colleagues who visit these places and can give honest advice. Recommendations of people you know personally, is the best way to get the correct information.

You can also read reviews online, but to believe them unconditionally is not: “Sometimes to advance centers write their own — and both positive and negative, says Henrietta of Horse. — However, if the website has such a section, this suggests that the leadership is ready for dialogue with customers. Please note that responding to negative reviews: try to resolve the conflict, which is offered as compensation.”


The first thing you need to pay attention, going to the salon is clean. If the floor is smeared to Shine, the air is fresh and the temperature comfortable — you’re in a good place. If you notice dirty flooring and cluttered desktops run without looking back!

“Respecting the centre carefully monitors order. Clients will provide replacement shoes or provide Shoe covers, especially in winter, says Henrietta of Horse. — It is necessary to tell and about the rules of hygiene: all cutting tools must be disinfected and then sterilized in the hot-closet. The UV lamp can only be used for storage of treated clean tool, and the offices should be equipped with bactericidal lamps”.

Consumables (syringes, gloves, etc) should be disposable and opened in front of you.


Note the area of the consumer (if such is missing, walk away). “There should be documents based on which provide services. This certificate of registration FOP or statement of it, — says Oleg Ogorodnik. — Be sure to read information about the activity. If hairdresser, makeup, manicure and pedicure — must be specified NACE 96.02 “hairdressing and other beauty treatment”. But therapeutic massage, hardware cosmetology, mesotherapy, Botox and silicone, hair removal, peeling, liposuction, permanent makeup is already medical services, and in this case the cabin should be a medical license. In the registration documents looking for NACE 86.22 “specialist medical care”.


The next important point which you should pay attention to is the attitude towards the customer. It is possible to judge, for example, call the selected institution. You need details to advise and answer all questions, and do it politely and friendly. In a good center for professional ethics always watching. If you don’t like the way you talked, and the conversation caused negative emotions — salon for sure “your”! To refuse service worth it and if you impose all sorts of paid services, extolling the benefits of a proposal. Feel psychological discomfort from such Intrusive service? Do not hesitate to tell the beauty of “goodbye!”.


Signing up for the particular procedure, you have the right to select any specialist from the salon, ask about his experience and demand diploma and certificates. Be sure to check whether the declared qualifications of the service. “Don’t forget: regprocedure should be done only by a doctor,” warned Henrietta of Horse. Also pay attention to the diplomas and certificates that hung in the office.

“If they or the state sample issued by large companies, put one more plus in favor of this expert — advises Oleg Ogorodnik. — But you believe the diplomas issued by little-known private companies, are not worth it. They are often distributed indiscriminately all in a row”.

By the way, the equipment is also possible to request certificates of quality and find out their brands.


A lot of popularity in recent years gained various discount coupons, which can give up to 90% discount on the procedure. The first thought that comes to mind — what razvodnyak!

“Actually it’s not really cheating, says Henrietta of Horse. To these marketing tricks companies use to attract customers. And it is very important to find out how old the beauty salon. If it opened recently, is likely to receive a quality service at the coupon high. But if the center is already 5 years old, and he still provides a similar discount, it is worth considering”.

The decision to buy the coupon must also be preceded by a call directly to the salon.

“Very often the stock does not cover the whole procedure and on its testing, — warns Oleg Ogorodnik. — So be sure to call the company to determine whether it is necessary to pay extra anything”.


If you are going to undergo a major procedure (e.g., mesotherapy, contour plastic), will conclude an agreement on carrying out procedures to protect yourself from unpleasant consequences. “A good salon will suggest you to sign the documents and collect the complete information (medical history) and find out if there are any contraindications,” says Henrietta of Horse. Refer to the drug and particularly note the item on its shelf life.

“By the way, if we are talking about medical interventions, in particular about plastic surgery — I recommend the contract to clearly define not only information about the service and possible side effects, but the responsibility of the cabin in case the procedure hurt health,” — says Oleg Ogorodnik. Also, be sure to demand a receipt for payment (ask in advance this time, because often in the salons are limited to entry in the notebook).