The Ministry of justice proposed the alternative “the law Savchenko”

“Savchenko’s law” can only be used for offences not involving violence. This was stated by the Deputy Minister of justice Natalia Sevostyanova, reports “112 Ukraine”.

“Today, the law Savchenko should be optimized to our realities. It is necessary to leave the rate, which softens the term only for those crimes that do not involve violence. This project for a long time in BP, and we believe this is the alternative that can offer a compromise in this situation,” – said Sevostyanova.

According to her, in most countries there are no such long prison terms, as in Ukraine, so in this domain it is necessary to carry out reforms.

“In most countries there are no such long periods of detention in Ukraine, there is much better conditions. Therefore, the Ministry of justice together with the Minister Petrenko began the reform of the penitentiary system. This year much has been done to start the probation, which will follow at various stages during the re and what is returned to society. Radically to legislate in a separate moment without understanding their consequences is wrong. About 45 thousand people, according to our calculations, will fall under the purview of the act. Most of them will be able to gradually be released over the next 10 years. And we don’t know where we sent them,” said Sevostyanova.

We will remind, 15 Nov 2016 the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine failed the two bills, which proposed to amend the procedure for admission of the pretrial detention into the term of punishment provided for the so-called “law of Savchenko”.

As reported, November 26, 2015 Rada adopted the law “On amendments to the criminal code of Ukraine concerning improvement of the procedure for admission by the court of pre-trial detention period to the sentence,” better known as “the law of Savchenko”.

According to this law, in case of sentence to imprisonment, the court shall credit the period of pretrial detention into the term of punishment based on “one day of preliminary detention for two days of imprisonment.” Previously, the criminal code provided that the time spent in jail, is included in the term of imprisonment based on “day after day”.

In law enforcement bodies have repeatedly criticized the “law Savchenko”, because, according to security officials, many released into the wild due to this act the prisoners again embarked on a criminal path.