AliExpress introduced a new delivery policy: what will change for buyers from Ukraine

From February 7 changed the rules of delivery of goods to Ukraine’s online trading platform AliExpress. Now each parcel will be assigned a tracking number that allows you to track its movement. Innovations is now actively discussed by participants of the communities of shopping on this site is people trying to understand what impact the introduction of new rules on the value of the goods, writes UBR.

The reason for the changes were the incidents of loss or theft of parcels. Informed of the parcel is not tracked, but steadily came. But the situation changed when thousands of orders began to disappear, unable to find their owners. Thousands of shoppers were arguing with the sellers and eventually got my money back. Creative people have learned, received bastrakova the parcel to open and win arguments, claiming they received nothing. And every month the percentage of fraud grew.

For Ukraine now the free delivery will not be. She had never been completely free, but very cheap. This bastrakova delivery is beneficial to both the buyer and the seller. Because its value is so small that the seller included it in the price of the product and it was virtually imperceptible for the buyer.

To supply parcel track numbers is possible only by raising prices. Some experts argue that the cost of goods in online stores that sell via AliExpress, because the tracking numbers will not change. Supposedly, the competitive environment will not allow to raise prices, most likely, they will remain at the same level. These online stores enough margin to “sew” the cost of the track numbers in their costs. Nevertheless, for sellers the free shipping turned into a competitive advantage.

Experts of the market of electronic Commerce, argue that innovation will add comfort to the buyers. The consumer will be able to track where is the package and the tracking number also allows customs to obtain information about what is in the parcel, to whom it is sent, etc.

Why Ukrainians AliExpress

The people of Ukraine were more likely to use the foreign Internet-stores. This is due to the desire to efficiently use time and money as well as pick the best assortment of the right product. In 2016, the Ukrainians are buying on the Internet is much more active than in previous years. In December 2016 on AliExpress, according to Similarweb, it was of 29.9 million visits from residents of Ukraine, a year earlier, the figure was 16 million.

Following tenedencies, postal operators Ukrposhta, New Mail, meest meestexpress and china that are interested in quality customer service and delivery of many parcels from China, in introducing new technologies and services.

“What do Ukrainians buy on AliExpress? Very popular women’s and men’s bags, wallets, gloves, scarves, children’s toys, Chinese tea and cosmetics, sunglasses, car accessories etc. For comparison, residents of Russia are more likely to buy electronics and clothing, and the United States – an artificial hair and wigs,” says economic expert Vyacheslav Lysenko.

The expert is sure: no matter how violent, was not of indignation and discussing innovations, we have nothing to do with paid shipping, it only remains to adapt to the changing rules of trade AliExpress.