“In the end, there are foreign exchange reserves,” the expert said, Ukraine needs the IMF tranche

Key creditor of Ukraine – the international monetary Fund (IMF) plans to hold a meeting of the Board of Directors for Ukraine in the near future. Earlier, the Minister sotspolitiki Andrey Reva reported that one of the requirements of Fund – raising the retirement age for Ukrainians. Senior analyst “Alpari” Vadim Iosub sure, even if Ukraine does not receive a tranche in the near future, there are no serious consequences for the country’s economy will not.

“For long-term development of the economy and reforms, and technical support of the IMF and the money of this organization is certainly important. However, given the recovery that began last year, the economy has moved away from the edge of the abyss, which turned out to be in 2014-15, and delay in the tranche a disaster will not. In the end, there are reserves that exceed the 15.5 billion dollars. With the availability of this airbag, the question of when Ukraine will receive the tranche, relatively speaking, a week, or a month, not urgent,” – said the expert.

As reported, the Board of Directors of the International monetary Fund has no plans in the next week to consider the allocation of Ukraine the fourth credit tranche. This is evidenced by the schedule of meetings is published on the IMF website.

So schedule the next meeting on February 17. Stated that this day held consultations with the government of Malta and post-program monitoring of the economy of Portugal. However, the issue of granting Ukraine a quadruple tranche of the schedule of meetings is missing.