Lives as a single mother Nadya Suleman with 15 children

41-year-old Nadya Suleman became famous in the whole world eight years ago. On that February day in the small town of Fullerton (CA) the woman gave birth to eight children – six boys and two girls. Friends were in shock, because she already had seven heirs. And shortly before birth the mother is officially divorced from her husband. He didn’t want children, and Nadia went to the principle, have made artificial insemination, and put the ex-wife out the door. The status of single mother Nadya Suleman not confused – peopletalk.

Photos published by the Solomon Family (#mom) (@nataliesuleman) Jan 19 2017 12:06 PST

A woman celebrated the birthday of his eight heirs. Suleman carefully planned house party. By the way, Nadia is a vegan. On the occasion she prepared a huge pizza without cheese, starting her vegetables is not Enough, Suleman managed to bake a vegan cake without cream and even liquid chocolate. We can only guess, like kids idea star mothers.

Photos published by the Solomon Family (#mom) (@nataliesuleman) Dec 24 2016 5:11 PST

By the way, the birthday kids Octomom (the so-called Nadia in the press) said: “I’m tired of being Octanol, I – Nadya Suleman. Nobody hates Octomom more than myself”.

Photos published by the Solomon Family (#mom) (@nataliesuleman) Nov 24 2016 10:01 PST

It is unknown how she manages to cope with everything alone. It was rumored that in the most difficult times Octomom had to do a movie for adults. Now Nadia works as a consultant at home.