In the Kremlin explained how the Russian military are in the Donbas

The Russian authorities do not send in the region of Donbass troops, the Russians go on their own, said the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov.

“According to official channels no volunteers to not travel. Of course, we know that there are citizens of Russia, who on a voluntary basis”, – Peskov told journalists on Friday.

On the question of where the militants of Donbass, hundreds of tanks, the press Secretary of the head of state said: “I can only say that, of course, not from Russia.”

According to Peskov, the question “can the same effect be addressed and in Moscow, and in Kiev”. “Then I don’t have enough information,” he said.

As reported, during the two years of the war due to various reasons in the Donbas and in Russia was destroyed and died in mysterious circumstances 17 high-ranking leaders of the Russian fighters.

As is known, Russia started the aggression in the Donbass after the illegal annexation of Crimea in March 2014. The Ukrainian military has repeatedly said that militants in the Donbas use the weapons that produced in Russia and in the Donbas are Russian soldiers. All these accusations the Kremlin denies, but refuses to admit OSCE observers to the border area, which now controls Kiev. In addition, the Ukrainian side denied the opportunity to inspect the goods which are to Donbass from Russia are imported in the so-called “humanitarian” convoys.