How to keep the site under control: tips for those investing in new building

On communications consulting agencies, the number of transactions in the field of primary real estate in the first quarter of 2017, it was almost a third more than in the same period a year ago. Some buy housing for themselves, others earn on the difference of value: the apartment is at the stage of excavation is much cheaper than in new building. It remains an undeniable fact that buying housing in a newly built house is risky.

“Today” has learned how to judge the unproblematic building and how to act in case of braking of construction.


It is necessary not only to follow the construction online, to watch the news and photo reports on the website of the developer, but to insist that established full communication. In most buildings there are administrators in the sales Department: they are responsible for specific construction projects and lead them from the pit before putting the house in operation. They are authorized to answer questions of investors, and the initiative — even to allow for meetings and separate meetings of collector Builder.

“You should create pages or closed groups in social networks. New users are added, if you show the contract or the act of financing construction — to avoid the group “bots” — said the investor Olga Mosul. — Within these groups emerge proactive investors: they can be the first to know, for example, about the stages of obtaining the right to operate the facility: paid if the share of contribution is issued a certificate of conformity if the changes in the construction process (e.g. increased number of storeys of the building)”.

INSULATION AND MATERIALS. It is useful to regularly visit the future home to personally observe the inner workings, and see has not decreased the number of employees at the facility (can indicate problems with the payment of their work). It is important to ensure that the developer is not out of tune with building materials: it is possible to order the examination (2-4 thousand).

“Failure to comply with the routing of construction to prove very difficult. For example, in the map refers to monolithic frame construction technology, but the few people understand, says investor new buildings in the capital Oleg Tolbukhin. — Difficult to understand, Keraterm did the clutch or the normal red bricks. But the same Keraterm hollow inside, so it is impossible to score normal nails — you can only use the chemical.”

Another beach primary — soundproofing (or rather, lack thereof).

“The Internet is full of complaints that you can hear the neighbor breathing, says another investor Olga Belova. — After signing the main contract, to obtain from the Builder extra insulation is impossible. But if it is detected until the acceptance is difficult, but possible”.

Together. The dialogue between the developer and investor is very important


Full cost of the apartment you pay, take a mortgage or pay in installments, it will be small one-room Studio apartment or a five-room duplex apartment — if construction will be frozen, you will lose money. Therefore, you need to follow at the same time over several “fronts”. First, keep track of the reputation of the developer along the entire chain, from the Foundation of the company before the change of partners and contractors, not only at the time of purchase, and not just your future home.

“Evidence of incipient problems can be stalemate in parallel the site of this company so it makes sense to follow up on homes-fellows, — said the investor-activist of one of the capital’s buildings Catherine Gusevskaya. — For this you can read the forums of other construction projects.”

It is also reasonable to find out whether issue (even if it’s not your case) a mortgage on this property of the construction, and whether the developer partner for any Bank. The fact that the Bank, in this case an additional controller, and it works only with credible development: collateral for a loan, before putting the house in operation, are securities of the developer. And in the interests of the Bank to paper, these were really valuable. The doubt should call if you trust the developer or the little-known “pocket” Bank, or no one at all.