New gel for male contraception successfully tested on rabbits

Non-hormonal contraceptive for men, which was developed by the specialists of California successfully passed the first tests.

About the drug discussed in an article in the journal Basic and Clinical Andrology.

It is noted that the drug Vasagel, which is developed by company Parsemus Foundation, is a high molecular weight polymer which comprises styrene-Alt-maleic acid, dissolved in dimethyl sulfoxide.

When injected into the VAS deferens and it forms a hydrogel, which blocks the passage of sperm. The drug was successfully tested on male rabbits, and monkeys — they could not reproduce, and thus there were no complications with the exception of a single case of inflammation due to improper administration of the gel.

At the same time, the rabbits were able to restore reproductive function VAS deferens just washing soda solution.

Now the company is preparing to test Vasagel on people. In the first study will examine the effectiveness of the drug on men in the following — the ability to restore reproductive function in macaques has not been verified.