Friz said the German Ambassador on elections in the Donbass

Elections in the occupied part of Donbas to the withdrawal of Russian-terrorist forces and establish a safe environment for expression is impossible. About it I wrote in Facebook the people’s Deputy, Chairman of the Permanent delegation lie in the NATO PA Irina Friz.

We will remind, the Ambassador of Germany in Ukraine, Ernst Reichel is confident that it is possible to hold elections in the occupied territories of Donbass and in the presence of Russian troops. He cited the example of elections in the GDR, which was supposed to replace the Communist regime, in the presence of the Soviet military and believes that it would be possible to go for the scenario in the Donbass.

In her opinion, an example of a German diplomat can not be compared with the present situation in the Donbas and considers it incorrect.

“We cannot agree with the thesis of the existence of similar cases in recent history where the election would take place in the context of fighting and presence of gangs. The example of the German Democratic Republic, which today is, does not meet the actual situation in the Donbass. The Soviet group of forces did not conduct combat operations on the territory of the GDR. Propaganda focused on the various worldview approaches and social order, and ethnic differences of Eastern Germans from the West. Because the example of the GDR, as the case of holding elections under occupation, is not correct,” wrote Frieze.

She noted that the current Parliament does not appoint elections in the occupied territories before the withdrawal of Russian-terrorist troops from Ukraine.