Iryna Lutsenko: We allow the introduction of martial law in case of escalation

The BPP allow the introduction of martial law in case of escalation of the conflict in the Donbas the one that occurred last week in the plant. This was after a meeting of the conciliation Council in the Parliament, said the Deputy head of the faction PPO Irina Lutsenko.

“If the aggravation will continue for a long period and it will threaten environmental security, human security, and we will see what Putin is set to advance on all fronts, we allow for the introduction of martial law. It is a local situation, it managed to keep. We have seen, and Putin saw that Ukraine is ready to resist, that the public service is ready. This is not what happened in Debaltsevo or Illovaysk. Everything was ready for the evacuation, troops tightened, the APU is arranged. The machine is working. Ukraine is ready. It all depends on the aggravation of the situation. This option is possible,” – said Irina Lutsenko.

We will remind, on Friday at a briefing in the presidential Administration, Deputy head of the AP Kostiantyn Yeliseyev said that the question of introducing martial law is not yet being discussed. “You know that the situation in the Donbass at the front is changeable, so it will be solved, of course, collective way, we have the Council of national security and defense, which will take an appropriate decision,” – said Elisha.