On Board the Russian Tu-154, an explosion occurred – the results of an independent investigation (video)

The cause of the crash of the Russian Tu-154 off the coast of Sochi could be an explosion. This is evidenced by the investigation of a member of the Association of technical experts of Russia Yury Antipova, reports BFM.ru.

So, he was able to pay attention to a few characteristic fragments, which fully reveal everything on Board before the crash. “And iron showed that in the first cargo compartment and inside was a very large pressure, which the Board in the area of the cargo compartment was simply broken. The remaining metal was thrown back up, it was on the right side, this chip in the beginning interested. And then I received a clear enough photo of the chip. But the left side of the cargo Bay — there is generally the situation is unambiguous: lower floor, that is the division of the cargo compartment trim, purchased the black-brown color, which is possible only when exposed to very high temperatures”, – said the expert.

Consequently, according to Antipova, this temperature could only create an explosion inside the cargo compartment. “I analyzed the entire color plane from the inside, it is standard, painted elements in the area of the passenger compartment and the cargo compartment. And here on this chip, characteristic, clearly shows that the upper part of the chip, which is located in the passenger compartment, it is a particular color, and below the floor line, as I have said, acquired a dark brown color with elements of black color”, – said the expert.

In addition, he continued, there were other moments that also confirmed at the first stage, it was a blast: it’s the melting part of the design of the elements. “And all this happened in a single picture that is fully consistent with the indicators, the large scattering of debris, a large fragmentation of the bodies of passengers,” added Antipov.

In turn, the Executive Director of the society of independent investigators of accidents Valery Postnikov rejects the version of the explosion and urged to await the outcome of the investigation.

Recall that the Tu-154 Russian defense Ministry crashed on the morning of 25 December shortly after taking off from Sochi, where he landed to refuel. The plane was heading to Latakia (Syria). The disaster killed all 92 people aboard: eight crew members and 84 passengers — the Alexandrov ensemble, led by artistic Director Valery Khalilov, the journalists of the three channels, the representative of the charitable organization, soldiers and officials.

Earlier in the network appeared the video with the webcam on the beach “Spark” in Adler (settlement of urban type, which is the administrative center of Adler district, part of the city-resort of Sochi – Ed.) with the flash in the sky. If this flash really has to do collapsed in a sea of Tu-154, it may indicate that the accident occurred as a result of explosion on Board.