The USS Porter entered the Black sea

In the Black sea entered the American USS Porter destroyer, equipped with guided missile systems. This was reported by the press service of the 6th fleet of the US Navy, reports “TASS”.

According to the report, the destroyer entered the Black sea to conduct operations to ensure Maritime security, improve combat readiness and interoperability of our allies and partners in the region. In addition, during his stay in the Black sea Porter will take part in the Romania exercises “Sea shield 2017”.

“Porter has for the last few years, regularly operates in the Black sea, demonstrating our continued commitment to security and stability in the region”, – said the commander of the destroyer captain of the second rank Andria Slough.

Note that the Navy (Navy) from eight States will participate in NATO exercise “Shield of the sea” (Sea Shield), which will be worked out standard methods of reflection aerial, underwater and ground attacks.

In the exercise “Shield of the sea” will be involved 2,8 thousand soldiers from Bulgaria, Canada, Greece, Romania, Spain, USA, Turkey and Ukraine, and 16 surface ships, one submarine and ten aircraft.

The exercises will be held from 1 to 10 February in the Eastern part of the Black sea on the area of 80 thousand sq. km.