The experts explained why the more expensive gasoline and diesel fuel

Fuel is rising again: on 31 January, the price of gasoline and diesel went up at the pump for premium networks, and yesterday and other stations. According to the consulting group “A-95”, higher prices and those and others — 50 kopecks./

Now the usual liter of A-95 costs an average of UAH 24 and 78, litre DT — 22,39 UAH. For premium grade fuel prices are higher: a maximum of 28 UAH/liter for A-95 and 26 UAH/liter on high-quality winter diesel.

Over the past week the cost of fuel has risen from 22 to 24 kopecks/liter, and, according to experts, this is not the limit — in the coming days for possible further growth of at least 50 kopecks./

“This echoes the December increase in wholesale prices of fuel and retail has not responded,” — said the Director of “A-95” Sergey Kuiun.

According to the Deputy Director of STC “Psyche” Gennady Ryabtseva, another reason jumps of the hryvnia in January: “the Importers have sold old stocks of fuel for the hryvnia expensive to buy currency at 28-28,5 UAH/$, and then the rate went down. Therefore, the consumer will want to cover the losses. But do not see further growth of prices on fuel”.