In the Cabinet disclosed the salaries of the secretaries of state

The average salary of state secretaries of ministries is about 40 thousand UAH per month. This was announced by state Secretary of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine Volodymyr Bondarenko.

“The average salary of the Secretary of state is salary, allowances, among them for years of service, which amounts to about 40 thousand UAH, depending on the prizes”, – said Bondarenko.

He noted that he does not consider that level of salaries quite competitive compared to the private sector and does not think that salary is commensurate with the level of responsibility that the Secretary of state carries at the position.

Bondarenko added that a small number of candidates for the post of Secretary of state due to lack of popularization of this post.

“The current secretaries of state appointed for a term of five years, after which we will have the second series of contests. I think that the contests in five years will be more interesting because people will be able to see the positive reforms of the civil service and introduction of the institution of state secretaries, you will understand that in this way something can change,” he said.

According to Secretary of state, that the competitions for positions of state secretaries won mainly acting Deputy Ministers is a plus, as they are familiar with the situation in their departments and can start our work from the first day on the job.

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