The automotive tastes of Ukrainians has changed dramatically

The last three years become a landmark for the automotive market of Ukraine. As you know, demand creates supply, and dealers bring to Ukraine those models and brands that are willing to buy the local population, reports Cardiagram.

And if in 2014 most of the buyers prefer budget sedans, then in 2016, the palm went to the crossover.

So, in 2014, the best-selling car in the Ukrainian market was ZAZ “sense”. A year later – in 2015 – in the first place got a car more expensive, but also from the category of the budget and the Renault Logan.

But in 2016 sedan Zaza was not included even in the TOP 10 most popular cars. Renault Logan managed to gain a foothold only in second place. The first step of the podium suddenly went to the Korean crossover Kia Sportage.

In 2016, the automotive market of Ukraine grew by 40.9%. The best-selling country brands were: Toyota, Renault and Volkswagen.