Bargaining with Russia about s-400

At a meeting in Istanbul of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and Vladimir Putin agreed on cooperation of Turkey and Russia in the field of defense industry. In this regard, on the agenda there is a need in the Turkey air defense systems, long-range, and after the Russian side has shown interest in Russia, which had previously been removed from the tender Turkey for the most expensive proposal and asked to submit a new application. In the case of agreement with Russia, Turkey is at the first stage provide for his urgent need in these systems, bought ready-made complexes. In the future, under this agreement, the two countries will work together to produce new systems.


Technology transfer


According to information obtained from government sources, negotiations started for the purchase of air defense systems, long-range Russia continue. Russia, which, in addition to s-300 and s-400, the number of such systems has models with older technology, such as “Antey-2500”, Turkey would like to buy a model C-400, created by new technology.


China and India — on the line


The source has explained that the negotiations with Russia continue not only about buying but also joint production, noted that while the work in this direction are at the very beginning, experts of the two countries are working on the issue and on the joint production of the system after the purchase of complexes in order to satisfy Turkey’s demand for air defense systems long range. Russia has a positive attitude to the demand of Turkey for the s-400 system. However to the fore the point that to fully meet the needs of the Russian army s-400, first and foremost Russia needs to think about their needs. Informed agreement for the sale of s-400, Russia has signed with China and India. Therefore, the most important aspect of the negotiations with Turkey is also a question about when the Russian missiles can be transferred to Turkey.

Fierce haggling over the s-400


In the tender opened by Turkey in the framework of providing demand for air defense systems long range, Russia has applied for the sale of s-400; but as compared with competitors, China, America, European consortium “EUROSAM-T”, its proposal was the highest price and did not expect the transfer of technology, the first Russia was eliminated from the competition. In this regard, it is believed that negotiations for the acquisition of s-400 from Russia will be the scene of fierce bargaining.


The pressure NATO has no power!


Attention is drawn to the fact that Turkey, which after the agreement with China within the framework of the tender for air defense systems, long-range faced with the pressure of NATO, may face the same problem in connection with the Russian systems. Turkey previously could not implement with Russia some contracts to buy defence industry because of inconsistencies with the NATO standards. So Russia acting in this direction very carefully. However, Turkey, which recently was abandoned by his allies alone in the face of growing threats from Syria, now looks determined to resist the pressure of NATO. About the hypocritical positions of NATO members today speak aloud, and government officials.