Talks on Syria in Astana: new details

The delegation of the Syrian opposition at the talks in Astana will not sign the final communiqué of the countries-guarantors of the truce. This was stated by acting as an official representative of the opposition delegation at the talks, Yahya al-Aridi.

“The signing will not, he said. – The guarantor countries – Russia, Turkey and maybe Iran – just circulate a document”.

According to a source in the Syrian delegation, the signing of the communiqué by representatives of the government of Syria is not planned. “This document, which are guarantor countries, and then to present it to other participants of the negotiations,” he added.

Yahya al-Aridi also told reporters that the delegation of the Syrian opposition have expressed skepticism about the success of the peace talks in Syria.

“One gets the feeling that the guarantor countries (the truce) think more about their interests than about the Syrian people, he said. We want to keep the truce, but the other side needs to think primarily about the people of Syria.”

The special envoy of the UN Secretary General on Syria Staffan de Mistura said that the parties are close to agreement on the outcome document for the meeting in Astana. “We are near the final Declaration done a lot of work. If passed a version of the document that we see, and it inspires optimism,” he said

As you know, talks on Syria kicked off on Monday the capital of Kazakhstan. The meeting is being held in the Rixos. The main questions to be addressed by the delegations, especially the Syrian government and the armed opposition, is the strengthening of the ceasefire and advance the political negotiation process for consultations in Geneva on 8 February.

In all, the negotiations involved seven delegations: the government and the opposition Syria, the countries-guarantors of the ceasefire agreement of 29 December (Russia, Turkey, Iran), a team of special envoy of the UN Secretary General to Syria Staffan de Mistura and the U.S. Ambassador to Kazakhstan, George Krol in the capacity of observer.