“Too often, the devastation”

New year’s eve in Kyshtovka is a village in the North of the Novosibirsk region — on the program of returning of compatriots to Russia came from Germany, family Martens, unhappy, first of all, sexual education in German schools. Louise and Eugen Martens were active participants in the movement “concerned parents” protesting against sex education, participated in the protests and in the end decided to return to Russia, she left in the early 1990-ies. In kyshtovka they inherited a dilapidated house and all the problems of the current Russian heartland.

Old log house with obleplennuyu casings and a rusted mailbox on the outskirts of the district center Kyshtovka of the Novosibirsk region came to life a month ago. Moved here from Germany the family of Louise and Eugen Martens with ten children.

“In this house, Oh, two decades no one lived, as the chief of the village had left complains Victor Kuzmin, Deputy head of Kyshtovskiy rayon in social issues. — Of course, cold, hole circle. The Doc ‘ Martins could have said — maybe could have picked better. Quickly do not. And the friends they some suggested, possessed themselves with ten-children”.


Eugen and Louise Martens emigrated from the Omsk region to Germany in the early 1990-ies, there met and married. And now decided to return from North Rhine-Westphalia in Siberia. Friends of the 45 year-old Eugen, who already renewed calls himself Eugene, is, it seems, everywhere. Smiling, long-legged, like a boy, speaks with a slight accent, he feels free and in a broken home: the main thing — family.

“Children, explains, is like a quiver of arrows. If the little arrows, what is a warrior? We have Louise from the families of the Baptists themselves in the community are not included. Just Christians live by the Bible. But even if God is not believed still children you have given birth to many”.

“A lot?— laughs Louise. — We when things folded, assign responsibilities. Everyone in the business is busy, and I need help. Think: where are all my children, why so few of them, it’s not enough? It is a blessing when the family functions as a single organism. If separately — of course, a disaster.”

Melita something paints, three boys on the head with the eldest, 15-year-old Son, buried in the laptop, Lucas wielding a poker in the stove. The youngest are sleeping on mattresses spread out on the floor. Room four — the same square, with obleplennuyu walls and dim lights under the high ceiling.

In the corners are bags, but some furniture is already there — from the editors of the local regional newspaper “Pravda Severa” on the reason for the reduction and relocation brought extra cabinets, table and chairs, which, however, it is necessary to sit caution: old.

Things the Doc ‘ Martins with him is not brought in, although back for good, after selling a cottage in a small village in North Rhine-Westphalia, decided to start to look around. A lot of it is not saved, giving most of the credit score. So the save. But jackets and boots to buy had: frosts in the Novosibirsk region are 30 degrees.

Here already began to develop simple rural science: as neighbours, every day together walking with a sled to fetch water to the column, shoveling snow, chopping wood, putting them in canopy to not damp. Only Topi-Topi do not, and the house is cool — shines through the cracks in the cracked floorboards blowing out from under the roof and Windows, and the stove needs cleaning. But to borrow from state Eugene does not want.

“Ask anything in excess will not, and housing and employment program “Compatriots”, which we arrived does not. Themselves a home build”.


He still feels the “warrior”, as in Germany, where on his initiative was organized demonstrations against the lessons of sex education in Cologne, Dresden and Hamburg. Says:

“The more children, the more tangible problems of education. Melita did not want to attend classes on sexual education because she is a Christian, and we have prescribed a penalty for “truancy”. A child’s year is treated as a sexual object. In our kindergarten gathered information evening parents to tell them about children’s sexuality. Come up with a special game, for example, to doctors, to enable them to start up! Arranged in a special corner of one do not interfere. Encouraged, if a girl is attracted to girl, boy to boy, because every child has the right to choose gender identity.


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But we have the mind to distinguish good from evil, to understand what values to invest in our children. We also explain to children about sex, but when we feel as parents that it is time. On the outskirts of our village built a house for twenty refugees, young men. To work they can not, and what will engage young brutes from idleness? How can we release the children on the street? It all together, all for nothing. We decided that in Russia, the calmer, the more that it is possible to do farming, and in Germany, land is scarce. Although, I think that it is good there where we are not…”

Kystovka, the most remote area of the Novosibirsk region, Doc ‘ Martins was known only by the stories of friends, with whom Eugene met in the summer visiting relatives in Novosibirsk. Solntsevka, perhaps the most prosperous village of the Omsk region, where he had gone with his parents in the early 1990s, remember only rosy childhood. Louise is also a former Omichka, lived in the suburbs and the urban-type settlement Luzino, where he was at that time a large meat to feed the entire area. It has now become clear that the stories are a little similar to reality.

“I traveled from village to village, — Eugene round eyes, often devastation! I have the feeling that in the district there are a number of any administration, where so many bosses, and all around is falling apart. After all, local authorities are sitting on a post, to do everything possible for the development of the district, hence, the results should be the same. It is in any country! But it is necessary to enter into a dialogue with the people, and the picture becomes clearer: they are to me, a stranger, complain how bad things are, how the power’s gone rogue. Met a man, who came from countries of the former Soviet Union in the same program. But he has paid only part of the money, they say, the rest is over. This state program! People can’t say anything good about the government, though vote for her because I see no alternative. But still it is necessary to try to change something!”

As the Doc ‘ Martins are to change something, they now do not know. Do not even clearly know where. Got a “lift” — 20 thousand roubles on the participant of the program and 10 thousand for each member of the family, but I’m afraid to spend: you might have to move to another area.

“We’re not afraid of the frost — say. — But how to farm? The summer is short, to procure fodder, requires good technique. We were told that we must first have at least 30 million rubles on its purchase. We have so much in there, and loans to banks by 25% — that’s impossible! And a lot of land, overgrown with weeds. In Krasnodar, on two harvest per year, but there is, say, all the land is already sold out”.

The only thing they know, thinking in Germany — the children will be taught independently. Many “informed” about it. In Russia such training is provided by the law, but in kyshtovka never happened, and local control of education lost.

“We tried to see with some experience, you can find techniques, but failed, complains Tatyana Serebryakova, his boss. We believe that it would be better for the children to school, at least to Russian to study, because only two of them more or less know him. Offered everything I could — free textbooks in the school library, Advisory assistance, training in sports, music schools, the Palace of creativity. Social adaptation is good.”

The social adaptation of Doc ‘ Martins, do not want, although neighbors are not aloof — they have all the time guests. Foreigners in kyshtovka, 540 kilometers from the regional center, — rarity, and the locals, feeling sorry for “abnormal, but good”, bring them clothes, books, fat.

Louise wrote on a large sheet of paper Russian alphabet, kids together and repeat after her: “Watermelon, pineapple…” No watermelon, no pineapple in Kyshtovsky area, which immediately begin Vasyugan swamp, no. People trying to leave the area where a bad job, not the economy, is a leader in the field of population loss. Before the great Patriotic war here there were 250 settlements in which they lived 58 thousand people. Now I’ve only got 14 and a half thousand in 54 villages.

“They themselves encourage it, says Eugene. — Can teach children in schools, if the main woman responsible for the education of the district, says that it is necessary to walk in the shoes on the pavement and not the mud puddle boots? They are out want to let the children threw their parents? So surprised that we bought a UAZ, not an imported car. I know about cars, own cars repaired. For such bad roads and only one you can buy. Because your state, which maybe will become ours, specially imposes a big tax on imported cars to develop their production. And the man who should teach children to love their Homeland, says that Russian cars are bad”.


But we want to teach children so that they could learn on their own. We were invited to a meeting at the Department of education where you humiliated us! I am a master carpenter, four years preparing for College, and the courses can take students, wife’s education, but she and the tutor and the chef, and diplomat in one person. It is not enough, because she has no scabs and she is not a psychologist! And they are psychologists? We called one woman, and there were seven chiefs. This is dishonest! Why do they behave as though above the people?”

Children heard the father’s indignation, pulled closer. Wakes up a little Dan-Ilya. When the door is opened wide to let the next guests in from the cold, it immediately picks up at the hands of some of the older girls.

“I respect people who go against the system” — shakes Eugene’s hand Rostislav Aliev, the editor of the local newspaper “Pravda of the North”.

That the Germans did not run away from Kyshtovka, its “chief propagandist and agitator” does not believe, therefore, brought with him the head of the school Museum Praskovia Savinov and eleventh roofing Simakov: “To have good impression on us.”

Roofing immediately finds a common language with Timon: both, as it turns out, love music, only one prefers the violin, the other guitar.

“Nothing! — slams Russian boy on the shoulder German. — We can live well!”

“Really?” — raises his eyebrows in surprise Timon.

Adults, meanwhile, speak for life. It turns out that farming, which at first dreamed of, Eugene is not too counts. Think, not to organize for him a joiner’s production — in fact he worked in Germany as a carpenter can make beautiful furniture.

“It’s good, — said the Deputy head of Kyshtovskiy rayon in social Affairs Viktor Kuzmin, who only now this beauty is need of money at the little people”.

However, the documents for citizenship the Doc ‘ Martins, has already filed. This process usually takes about six months, but local authorities have promised to hold it at an accelerated pace. Still, such famous to the whole country compatriots in Kyshtovka never came.