They call him Darth Vader

The one who in Russia has the power, it will be constantly belittled. The role of first violin plays Vladimir Putin. Because as something bad, if someone on the side will be at least a small suspicion that someone may speak on equal terms with the head of the Kremlin.

This unwritten law holds, and Igor Sechin. Power power secret, quoted the head of the largest oil company in Russia Rosneft two years ago in an interview with Welt state of the philosopher Niccolo Machiavelli (Niccolò Machiavelli). “And generally it is ridiculous to think that someone could pressure the President.” As for widespread rumors that he, Sechin is the second most important man in Russia, it is “ridiculous”.

Today it is even more ridiculous than ever. Although it is true that Putin in some areas, there are various closed circles of trusted individuals with whom he consults before making a decision. But at least in the economic and especially in such important for the country’s oil sector freedom of action, more is the man in Russia because of his unhappy face is often referred to Darth Vader, namely, Igor Sechin. Last year it was even more evident than before. Privatization of state property, which began due to the lack of money, became the stage on which the rest of Sechin the Russian establishment in the eyes of the world brought down to the level of extras. Especially expressively it happened on the evening of 7 December, when he told Putin about the sale of parts of “Rosneft” to two international investors.


© RIA Novosti, Mikhail Klimentyev | go to Photobacterium of Russia Vladimir Putin and Chairman of the Board of Directors of ExxonMobil Rex Tillerson Wayne

Specifically, 19.5% of the sold Swiss oil trader Glencore and the Emirate of Qatar, said Sechin. The resulting 10.5 billion euros will allow the Russian budget deficit to remain at least part of officially named of 3.7% of GDP. This news came totally unexpected. Since the government urgently needed money, on the market for weeks counted an intermediate solution that would look quite bizarre, namely that the oil company first he will redeem the state part until it, perhaps, then in 2017 you can’t sell on.

This option is the Duo Putin — Sechin willing to put into circulation. Eyewash, as was now known. Putin himself, according to his press Secretary, has long been aware of how over the Sechin solution actually worked. Meanwhile, senior officials from the government and the Kremlin with different expressions of impatience and disapproval were displayed useful but little-informed idiots. The result is a state with Sechin downright brilliant deal not only got the necessary money from the outside. In the end, Sechin has shown the West that during the sanctions, there is still enough interested persons in the world who wants to cooperate with Russia and with the oil concern, included in the sanctions list.

He spoke with about 30 potential sponsors, Sechin said later. Although against the “Rosneft” and was declared by the US and EU sanctions. Although none of the buyers will not get any blocking minority. Also British energy giant BP has a 19.75% in Rosneft. But only one of Sechin has power over the most expensive on the exchange quotations of oil concern — and thus over the entire Russian oil sector.

Sechin is the main example upstart Putin’s stables. 13 years ago, Sechin, who is now 56 years old, was outside of the Moscow apparatus of power and was a Nobody. Also oil company “Rosneft” did not deserve special attention. This had to change. Since Putin kicked out the oligarchs to key positions in the government, Sechin had the special mission. The Russian oil industry, which after the collapse of the Soviet Union was fragmented into competing companies, it was necessary again to put under state control.

Sechin, who was once a military translator in Angola and Mozambique and familiar with Putin still in their hometown of St. Petersburg, have long pondered. Od took note of the rich then Russian oil tycoon Mikhail Khodorkovsky and organized his arrest. Helped him is not only the fact that he was Deputy head of the Kremlin administration. But a close relationship with then-Prosecutor General Vladimir Ustinov, whose son is married to Sechin’s daughter. In the end was neutralized not only the obstinate oligarch Khodorkovsky for ten years imprisoned, until he is through the mediation of Hans-Dietrich Genscher (Hans-Dietrich Genscher) two years ago was released. In the end, were also seized and the oil company Khodorkovsky’s Yukos. “Rosneft” has attached to itself the assets with the financial help of the Chinese, has increased six times, thus volume of the domestic production of oil and in the blink of an eye became the first in the industry across the country.

When Khodorkovsky asked about Sechin, today he does not speak much. In an interview with “Zeit” in the fall, he said, “I have nothing to say, except, perhaps, may he long live to the prison, I would like to see him in the dock and acted as a witness.” Shortly after his release, Khodorkovsky said in an interview with Russian edition of “Snob”: “I Have never had even a shadow of that power in government, as Sechin”. Political observers have about the same opinion. Political analyst Andrei Kolesnikov of Moscow Carnegie center said in a radio debate: “the Problem is the incredible, enormous and difficult to explain the influence of Sechin Putin. The question arises: who manages whom”.

With such power behind Sechin managed and the second big purchase. In early 2013 he took over second in the country of competitor TNK-BP, the largest acquisition in Russian history, amounting to almost $ 60 billion. And here China has also helped the advance, providing oil supplies for 25 years. Where works Sechin, appear quickly secrets. Although the leading economic newspaper of Russia, “Vedomosti” and not named 56-year-old Sechin in a recent final release of the year “by the Mystery of the year.” But awarding this title to the Minister of economy Alexey Ulyukayev, the paper still indirectly the title “Riddle of the year” was awarded to Sechin.

Because on 14 November, in the face of the speaker for the first time since the collapse of the Soviet Union he was arrested and put under house arrest people with the rank of Minister over alleged corruption. It should be noted that the arrest took place in the main office of “Rosneft” in Moscow. There Ulyukayev, who was responsible for privatization, was invited before he found a suitcase with two million dollars. The speaker was Putin, who highly appreciated his kind of ceremonial guise of liberal economic camp, while Sechin belonged to the opposite camp. The causes of violence with Ulyukaev still unknown.


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All who have to cross the road Sechin, usually doubly careful. Sechin is not only single-handedly solved the problems of “Rosneft”. He was in the early autumn also decided for a partial privatization of the sixth oil company in Russia Bashneft, when he for the 50% put on the table 4.8 billion dollars. “But it’s nonsense.”, — outraged even then economic adviser to Putin, Andrei Belousov. “How can a government-controlled firm to buy another public company? This is no privatization”. Since then, silent not only Belousov. And no one else — to the Ministerial leaders — do not want to comment on the work of Sechin. It is known that the relationship between him and Putin particularly close.

And even if Putin recently advised the Russian establishment to be “a little more modest,” because we need to understand what country you live, it is still clear who in the event of a dispute wins. It recently had to learn the newspaper “RBC”, when she’s the one message about the intervention Sechin was convicted in a government court.

A similar story happened with the newspaper “Vedomosti”, which, as stated by the court, intervene in the private sphere Sechin, when she wrote about the luxurious estate Sechin. Went to Forbes, and “Novaya Gazeta” that reported on the state of the family Sechin. The head of “Rosneft” in 2015, according to Forbes, because of the economic crisis earned in the year of “only” $ 13 million. The year before, it was still 17.5 million dollars. But it is bad that he is clearly behind the head “Gazprom” Alexey Miller, which he in the clinch, because their businesses are still struggling to become the largest supplier of taxes in the country.

Sechin pressure on Miller because he wants together with private gas companies to acquire a monopoly on gas exports, which is equal to the restructuring in the Russian commodity economy. But while Sechin there are other ways of game play. The parent company of Sechin, “Rosneft” “Rosneftegaz” has recently received permission to publish documents about his financial activities. So Putin and Sechin have created a parallel budget, which they can dispose of. This can only mean one thing: their power will only increase.