Russia: expectations of the presidency, trump

Moscow — Whatever the expectations concerning a new relationship of the President of trump with Russia, all those who are hoping for significant changes in the position of the Kremlin, will have to wait a bit.

Although some Russian companies and political activists decided to use the one that unfolded in Russia “trenomania” by organizing a party on the occasion of the inauguration and adorned with a portrait of the new American President packing with the sugar-refined sugar and commemorative coins Moscow establishment continues to repeat a simple mantra designed to place some limits on expectations: “Donald trump’s not our man.”

The representative of the President of Russia Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, repeated this phrase during a television interview on Saturday, January 21, stressing that the new President of the United States the Kremlin will take a wait and see position on such key issues as the Ukrainian crisis, Syria and bilateral relations.

According to the transcript of his interview Peskov skeptical about trump’s proposal to significantly reduce its nuclear Arsenal, which he voiced in an interview with European Newspapers and stressed that this issue cannot be linked to the issue of the us sanctions imposed against Russia in connection with the Ukrainian crisis.

“Nuclear disarmament is a conceptual umbrella concept, but it consists of a huge number of nuances, — said Peskov in interview to the program “Vesti on Saturday” on one of the state TV channels. — It may not be disproportionate. The composition of the nuclear component in the United States and in our country is different. And therefore, some symmetric cuts are absolutely unacceptable and inappropriate.”

This week in an interview with reporters Sunday Times trump said that the EU “has maintained sanctions against Russia. Let’s see if we can conclude with Russia any good deals. I think we should start with the fact that nuclear Arsenal must be substantially reduced”.

The Kremlin is trying hard not to show how much he wants to achieve the lifting of sanctions. On Saturday, Peskov said that “to link the issue of sanctions and the issue of nuclear reductions are unlikely in the future will be possible with the expert point of view. Our President has repeatedly said that the issue of sanctions is beyond the scope of our agenda. Russia was not the initiator of this question. And she will not, according to Putin, the initiator of the abolition of some restrictions”.

Over the next several days, according to Peskov, Putin will call Trump to congratulate him on his inauguration. While the meeting between the two leaders.

Despite the lack of enthusiasm about the proposal of trump on the reduction of the nuclear Arsenal, the Kremlin has made clear that its representatives preferred to trump the Clinton administration and that they are happy with the end of President Obama’s term. Prime Minister of Russia Dmitry Medvedev issued a Facebook post in which he noted that the Obama administration “destroyed relations between the US and Russia, bringing them to the lowest point in decades”.

As for Ukraine, where Moscow has supported two separatist areas in the South-East of the country, Peskov called the support of Kiev by the Obama administration “not constructive”, but compared to trump’s victory in the election and support of Ukraine from the USA with the plot of the fairy tale “Cinderella”.

“The carriage will turn into a pumpkin. And soon strikes midnight,” said he.

On the question of what, in his opinion, will be the position of the new administration in Ukraine, Peskov replied that he did not know. “Together we will see very soon.”

Sands allowed himself a cautious optimism in the question of US involvement in peace talks on Syria which will open on Monday, January 23, in Astana, Kazakhstan, however, on Saturday, January 21, the state Department announced that the trump will not send its delegation.

According to Peskov, Iran opposed the U.S. involvement in the negotiations, which are unlikely to be concluded any major agreements. However, digressing a little from the usual line of the Kremlin, he added: “it is Obvious that without the US constructively to resolve the Syrian problem is impossible.”