American massacre trump

WASHINGTON — After several traditional introductory polite phrases 45th President of the United States Donald J. Trump has demonstrated that his inaugural speech will not be similar to anything heard earlier.

He really dug into his throat, his predecessors and the entire political elite in Washington, accused them that they are enriched at the expense of ordinary Americans and left the country lying virtually in ruins. This day marks not a peaceful transfer of power from one President to the next, but the return power from Washington to the people.

It was the core of his election campaign. Those who thought she was finished, needs to change his mind.

He maligned today in America, and it was like a dystopian Springsteen song of the 80s: factory, turned into tombstones, unemployment and social problems, the criminal gang and a bloody massacre on the streets. And no bright prospects in sight.

Although trump claims that he wrote it himself, probably he had other sources of inspiration. The whole speech is full of fingerprints adviser Steve Bannon, it breathes nationalist protectionism, which must force to shake the allies of the country and its trading partners.

This is exactly what happened with the exchanges a few minutes during the speech.

This is probably the first and last time a President used the term “American massacre” (American carnage) on your own time. But this story he more than a year has told during the election campaign and continues to talk like a President, despite the fact that exaggeration has long been tested and refuted.

To say that the us army in recent years has declined, it means so contrary to reality as possible. The only thing that was not in the speech, this attack on Hillary and her e-mails.

Many had hoped that trump will once again take the conciliatory tone of his speech, uttered on the night after the election when he put out his hand to those who did not vote for him, and which he perfectly understood, were disappointed. He wanted to be their President, he said that in the next four years he will need their advice. That speech gave his critics hope. As it turned out, in vain.

In today’s aggressive and not-so-humble speech, which was generally addressed to the fans, such conciliatory words were not. His staff promised a philosophical speech in the spirit of the legendary speech of John Kennedy, no less. But although it would be too much to demand that trump’s eloquence Kennedy, the result was a universe further from the sample.

After a heartbreaking election campaign it was strange that he wasn’t talking about what unites Americans, what holds together such a multifaceted and contradictory country.

Instead, he continued to speak about his own movement, the greatest of those that have seen the world, he said. Yes, the campaign was really impressive in many ways unique, but — and this is provable — it is not universal, and illustrate several large demonstrations in Washington this week. Rare protests against the new President are so loud and literally demonstrative. About 70 Democrats in Congress expressed their protest by not coming to the inauguration ceremony.

As I write this review, a few blocks from the White house fierce clashes between demonstrators and police.

Donald trump had a chance to distance themselves from the campaign and reach out through that deep abyss, fault in which not only he, but which he eminently contributed to his aggressive rhetoric both before and after the elections. That chance he missed, and instead made a speech, in the darkest of those that have ever heard America.

The basic idea was simple: only Donald trump can lead the US out of the darkness that descended on the nation that were once so great. It makes since that there are high expectations, but if his supporters think that America was a wilderness and the place of the massacre, would not require much effort in order to announce that now everything has become a lot better. Will be just to tell the truth.