Scientists reported a simple way to protect yourself from excess weight and wrinkles

When it comes to the consumption of hot beverages, most prefer to drink a Cup of green tea, because I think that this is a great, healthy alternative to normal tea with sugar or black coffee. This was reported from materials of Good Health 24/7, writes “Orthodox”.

Researchers believe that people who choose fragrant herbal tea get together, this is not just the pleasure of drinking a fragrant beverage but also a number of amazing properties, which has a positive effect on the human body. Regular consumption of green tea takes part not only in digestive processes, providing a cleansing effect and so and weight loss in humans, but also, as it became known, this wonderful drink has the property of anti-wrinkle cream.

It is known that green drink is rich in polyphenols, substances that have an impact on fat tissue, helping the body in less amount of time to burn more energy, which comes during a meal. Substance theanine helps cope with anxiety as having a relaxing effect. A few cups of green tea help to reduce cholesterol levels, and this drink has anti-inflammatory properties, which can have a positive effect on gums and teeth, preventing tooth decay, sores and other unpleasant diseases. Also green tea is for anti-aging, protects the skin from loss of collagen – the substance that is key to maintaining youthful skin.