Rules of success from famous people: Nassim Taleb

People need advice on how to get rich, and are willing to pay for it. Understanding how to act under conditions of incomplete information — the main and most urgent task of the man.

Remember that throws are independent from each other — the coin has no memory. The fact that you got heads or tails, does not mean that the next time you will be lucky.

Grab any opportunity or all that looks like a possibility. Opportunities drop out much less frequently than we think.

In business, survival of the one who knows how to abandon all the excess.

Who is the loser? You made a mistake, he does not analyze the situation, do not benefit from their mistakes, become confused and lose him. And would be happy that you learned something new, and in the future will be able to avoid this error.

Learn to lose with pride, quickly and cleanly. Use the method of trial and error as much as possible — you need to be a professional in terms of errors.

Wear the best things on your execution and don’t lose your self-esteem. The last means of dealing with the accident, the control of behavior. This is subservient to you always. And with this approach, the last word will always be yours.