The declassified CIA documents — information about Lithuanian partisans

Help on the fight of Lithuanian post-war partisans with the Soviet occupation were among hundreds of thousands of documents of the Central intelligence Agency, which was declassified and published on the Internet.

Prepared in 1949, a classified CIA document States that in Lithuania there are about 20 thousand partisans, and the Soviet military is actively fighting a 3.5 — 4 thousand people. Then, the CIA reported that the Soviet government is in control only in large cities and in the provinces influence of the resistance fighters.

“Now in Lithuania, about 20 thousand partisans. There is an “army” consisting of from three and a half to four thousand men, fighting against the Soviet military, when given a favorable scenario,” — said in previously secret report.

“The main goal of the guerrillas is to prevent the collectivization of the land, using armed force. They seek to expel the farmers, who were brought to Lithuania from the Soviet Union, and sometimes even kill them. In respect of farmers, who escaped from East Prussia and took the running of the economy, violence in Lithuania is not running”, — the document says.

In another report of 1951 stated that “in Lithuania, the masses are against Councils. People live in a state of military fever”. Active guerrilla war for the restoration of independence of Lithuania took place from 1944 to 1953.

On Tuesday, the CIA has published online a huge collection of classified documents that were previously available only in archives. In General, the website published about 930 thousand documents, more than 12 million. pages.