The opening of the level “Preschoolers”

Education website starts working level training in mathematics “Preschoolers” to children 4-6 years old. New tasks were developed taking into account the interests of each child, along with his age.

Preschool preparation of children is of great importance, especially today, when the world and technology is changing so quickly. But, in addition, children aged 4 to 6 years the development of spatial and logical thinking, and analytical abilities. Therefore, in this age, according to research by child psychologists should pay attention to the disclosure of personal abilities and talents.

That is why at the level of the “Preschoolers” there are two main goals: to prepare children for school and help them discover their talents.

The format of level “Preschoolers”

Education website the delineation of tasks by age groups is real and effective. For example, the difference between task-level “Kids” (2-3 years) and the level of “Children” (4-6 years) is not only of different complexity. Not the last role plays and the format of presenting information.

Presentation of information in tasks:

  • More complex plot with lots of parts that need to be taken at the same time.
  • Making tasks like school tasks the first and second classes, but lighter.
  • Game format, thanks to which the child is interested to learn, he gets pleasure from every exercise, both from individual games.

Due to the above features the student does not quickly get tired and can do with joy — and this is one of the main objectives of the training course.

This level is quite self-sufficient. There is no strict need to go through all the exercises of the previous level “Kids” to understand the new. Therefore, children who began the acquaintance with the website at the age of 4 years, will understand each exercise “Preschoolers.”

The level of “Preschoolers” has a very convenient interface (for example, the ability to divide tasks according to topics and sub-categories), so the parents will be easy to find exactly the set of exercises on which it is necessary to focus at a particular moment.

Features level “Preschoolers”

But preparation for school and the development of new abilities of the child — not the only one particular level. Also lets talk about the exercises related to the skills that are needed in everyday life and school life:

  • Exercises that relate to orientation in space and determine direction of movement.
  • The tasks developing the ability to distinguish what is made by nature from what was made by man.
  • A number of specialized exercises to develop the skills to count money.
  • Interactive exercises for better understanding the concepts of time and its measurement. At this level, in particular, noted that the concept of seasons and the position of the clock, and the period of time.
  • Familiarity with two – and three-dimensional figures.

All assignments were made based on the work of visual memory, logic and associative thinking. And the tasks themselves beckon colorful illustrations and funny characters.

So, presented to the public the level of “pre-K” fully complies with the main goal of any educational website to help children to develop their own skills and abilities and to learn with fun. Users only need to “taste” this level, to be sure. – educational platform, which enables affordable and fun to learn for children of all ages – from preschool to 11th grade. The website was created to help the school to improve the level of education, using the latest technology and international teaching experience. On the creation of unique materials worked as a team of teachers and developers, based both in Ukrainian and international educational standards and psychology. The site activates your natural curiosity and confidence of the child. Along with every child will be able to learn new things, repeating old and just have fun. Learning without boredom possible! In order to learn more about then visit, and