In Ukraine you can buy for one dollar

The fluctuations of the dollar in Ukraine are already familiar. Only since the beginning of our national currency sank by more than UAH 2: if on 1 January the average rate was equal to 26.8 27.5 per UAH per USD, 16 January 28,1—28,8. And since many goods and services in Ukraine are tied to the rate, and the Ukrainians are used in mind to always convert prices in the currency — “Today” has learned that in our country you can buy for 1 dollar.

PURCHASE. One dollar now — 28 UAH. For the money you can, for example, to travel in cheap taxi 3-4 miles — it costs 25 UAH. Or hours for the same money to drive on ice or roller skates in the Mall. However, this will only be possible early in the morning on weekdays — 25 UAH per hour of riding is about 70 UAH in the “running time”.

But to many museums for a dollar in capital will be allowed only seniors or students, because prices no discounts on the entrance fee starts from 30-40 UAH. For example, retirees can remember the youth and students to learn about the past, visiting the Metropolitan Museum of aviation — they are discounted tickets at more than 50%: 25 20 UAH. But in the regions of knowledge are not so expensive — the entrance to the historical-cultural reserve “Zaporizhzhya Sich” (Khortytsya island) will cost UAH 18 per adult.

The Central scientific library you the dollar will not fall, even though 1.5 years ago I thought I could — now to obtain the library card is worth more than $2, or is 50 UAH 20 UAH. But, having it, the dollar will be allowed to take pictures on your camera need pages almost 30 publications on the hryvnia apiece.

Of food you can eat or drink in fast food: 23-25 UAH a hamburger, a large fries, orange juice or cappuccino. And some of the capital’s barbershops offer to wash my hair for 25 UAH. Also, the dollar per day cost of travel to work in Kiev for residents of nearby suburbs: bus 9-10 UAH in one end plus the cost of gortransporta.

THE TIME AND MONEY. According to the national Bank, the previous period of “calm” of the dollar was over 1.5 years ago, in July 2015. Then the rate stabilized at 22 UAH/$, again began to creep up, in the end, the U.S. currency rose by January 2016 to 28 UAH.

The state statistics service has calculated that inflation for this period amounted to about 36%, but something has risen in price more, something less. We compared what you could buy then and now for $ 1 (see infographic). A clear conclusion — most of all the pocket hit entertainment. For example, a glass of wine for a dollar you at a cafe will not sell, you need a minimum of $1.5, Beers, drink one, not two. Less now buy bread, milk, eggs, cheese, cereals. Rose and medicines like Valerian pills. Clearly traced the growth rate of the sellers of mineral water and coffee, as well as booksellers — for their goods a dollar can buy the same amount and will not surrender.

But the metro and trolley-buses became in dollars cheaper for their prices (at least in Kiev), for 1.5 years has not changed. In addition to minibuses, which rose on average by 20%.

Real earnings have become less

1.5 years has increased not only the dollar exchange rate and prices, but wages. Thus, according to the state statistics service, the average earnings of Ukrainian, employed full time, was in November 2016 (the latest data) 5406 UAH, and in July 2015, with which we compare — 4390 UAH. That is, have an increase of 23%, but according to the calculations Ukranalittsentra, earnings in December will exceed 5500 UAH, or by 25% for 1.5 years. But with inflation during these months, it appears that real wages declined in July 2015, it fell by 22.2% compared to July 2014 and in November 2016 has increased compared to November 2015 8.4%. That is, each hryvnia is now purchasing power is 14 cents less than 1.5 years ago. For the current year analyst Alexander Okhrimenko forecasts growth of average salaries by 15%, or about 800 UAH. “If we achieve inflation at 8% per year, real wages almost equal to earnings in 2015”.