These policies are more like the mafia and drug lords

Ukrainian politicians their condition more reminiscent of the mafia and narkotorgovtsev driving around in expensive cars. This opinion was expressed on air of TV channel NewsOne famous Ukrainian artist Alexander Roitburd.

The artist rather abruptly walked across the Ukrainian politicians, noting their immodest behavior.

“Most of these guys who are coming over today to the Parliament or the Cabinet on the car, which in America is a decent millionaire shy to go. This baby can go only some drug dealer, or person associated with the mafia. That’s when they come on such machines, and the collection of hours equal to the budget of the city, I understand that it is those people who in childhood, something less. They were born in vulnerable families in residential areas. They were going to succeed,” explained Roitburd.

As previously told by the President of the Association of psychiatrists of Ukraine Semyon Gluzman, Ukrainian policy with respect to mentally healthy people, however, there are some with their features. He believes that the main “problem” of politicians in their morals, and they are quite “healthy and head them all right.”