Sales of mattresses in 2016 increased two times

The past year has been for the leading manufacturers of mattresses, another phase of successful development. Such well-known mattress factory as Promtex-Orient was able to increase production and sales rapidly expanding its own presence in the regions. Coverage of all the major settlements of retail, office and warehouse space became a trend in the industry. So today, the time between ordering a specific mattress product and shipping takes a maximum of 4-5 days.

Experts note that the most part of sales volumes fell on remote sales. The original online shopping manufacturers in the crisis period become outposts of commercial success. This is not surprising – buying a mattress online can not only quickly make a selection, but to compare prices on different shopping websites. The majority of sellers always offer discounts on popular models. And some manufacturers often give valuable and useful gifts if you order goods worth above a certain amount.

The current economic crisis has not particularly affected the a segment, which is now minimally dependent on imported supplies. In fact, from abroad, at the mattress factory comes just coconut coir and natural latex, and all other components supplied by Russian companies. This autonomy has a positive effect on the selling prices, delivering impressive sales volume and the weakness of foreign competitors.

In the first place was the Russian-made mattresses with independent springs block filler and combined with different stiffness parties. And companies such as promteks, Orient has offered its customers an interesting development with the “smart” filler – ateronon able to repeat the contours of your body.

In the coming year, according to experts, a mattress, the market will continue its progressive evolution. The main focus will be on remote sales, which will occupy most of the market niches. Accordingly, the big players are already shaping the budgets for the development of Internet-shops and search engine promotion shopping websites. And increasing competition will continue to “Postiguet” rivals in the formation of various benefits, playing into the hands of the end user.