Russians celebrate the New year weeks

In Russia New year is celebrated thoroughly — usually celebration means almost two weeks off. For Muscovites, who are used to the fact that weekdays they have a very long new year holidays are of great importance.

On the first day of the new year I went to the suburbs, to the country to their good friends. They were busy gefilte fish “gefilte fish” (a Jewish dish, often carp), champagne and the TV series Sherlock HOMS. For some reason, astute detective is incredibly popular in Russia — both old and new adaptations.

The next day they planned skiing and Russian Banya. When I said that I need to get back to the city, they are extremely surprised.

— Some actually working day, I told them.

— We don’t celebrate New year’s weeks like you.

But we’re going to fry a shish kebab! Maybe you should go tonight?

I went to town on the train. She was tightly filled. It surprised me, because after the New year the Russian capital is usually almost empty.

Before people were leaving, but now they have not enough money to travel abroad as before. This time many Muscovites celebrated the New year at home, which is probably the only benefit of the Russian economy.

The New year was celebrated as thoroughly and extensively as usual. The celebration begins when the around the world. After that, celebrated Orthodox Christmas on 7 January in our Gregorian calendar which corresponds to December 25 in the old Julian calendar. Finally comes the old new year January 13. By this time, of course, the official holiday has come to an end, the Russians needs to get back to work on Monday. But in practice often a rest for the next two weeks.

One of my colleagues at work said that emotionally it is very hard to switch back from this wonderful relaxed state, which fall during the winter holidays when you can longer sleep on a cold morning, walk in bath and to visit all the relatives and friends. I understand it. Although the new year holidays in Russia, and resemble in many respects our Christmas holidays, they’re for Russian are much more important, especially for tortured by the stress of Muscovites who got used to the fact that in everyday life we have to work very long.

— I haven’t been on the street for two days. And I’m not going to leave the house until I have to go back to work, — said one of my friends on the first day of the new year.

Following a long vacation in Russia will come in early may, when celebrating the First of may and victory Day on 9 may will once again allow many to leave work almost two weeks.

These long weekends seem to be something insane. However, the caveat is that leave the Russians often much shorter than ours. In practice it turns out that only government employees can confidently rely on your legal four weeks off for summer vacation. As for private business, the employer often passes the law, and the employees take one week here and there.

But new year and may holidays is sacred. To imagine that the Russian government for economic reasons encroached on them, almost impossible.