Oleksandr Gladkyy will go to training camp with Dynamo

Head coach of Kiev “Dynamo” Sergei Rebrov during the communication with the fans talked about the fact that the striker Oleksandr Gladkyy will have a training camp with the team.

– Smooth with us going to the gathering. This player I chose. Yes, I agree, he has not scored a single goal in the first part of the championship, but as before I believed in him, and now we will give him a chance. We once had enough players that we bought for serious money, signed a contract for five years, and these players sat there and did not show it, we gave it our rental, waiting for proposals to recapture some money.

Oleksandr Gladkyy came to our team for free when I talked to him, I saw his desire to fight for the logo of our club. If I hadn’t seen it, he wouldn’t be here. And now he, when he gets 18 or misses, but he goes out and tills the training. You see the tip of the iceberg: he has not scored many goals, some love it, some don’t, but he’s doing what he can.

Recall that earlier there was talk that the Smooth talks with other clubs.