Old New year and Christmas eve: omens and prohibitions of the feast

From 13 to January 14 is Old New year, which is popularly also know as Melenki and Basil.

Today we also celebrate Christmas eve. The holiday has its own rules, traditions, superstitions and even bans.

What you can do in Christmas eve and what it should refrain, out the website Today.ua:

  • Don’t recite on this day, the word “thirteen.”
  • These days it is impossible to quarrel. Even, on the contrary, the Old New year it was customary to accept that year to spend in the world.
  • On 14 January it is forbidden to read the detail, because then the whole year will shed tears.
  • The Old New year and Christmas eve nothing to lend, otherwise the whole year will spend in debt.
  • You can’t take out the garbage 14 Jan, otherwise will make him and his happiness.
  • On Christmas eve, January 13, you need to cover a wide table: preparing a generous Christmas pudding, sausages, meat and fish dishes. It is believed that the more generous a table and more guests come, the better the past year.
  • 14 Jan taken posevat, medronate and walk-in guests.
  • A good sign is considered to be, if the first house a man came in.

Signs of the Old New year and Christmas eve

  • If the night wind blowing from the South – the year’s going to be hot and safe, from the West to the abundance of milk and fish, from the East – expect a harvest of fruit.
  • If warm outside, the summer will be rainy, if there is wet snow, we should expect a good harvest.
  • If the sun rises high, the year will be happy and especially a good garden harvest.
  • If Melania thaw, wait warm summer.
  • Previously, the site Today. ua figured out how to celebrate and what are the rituals and traditions on Old New year and Christmas eve.