Sheremet called three main achievements in the economy

Ukraine’s economy started to show recovery, but the state budget is much “healthier”. This was told on air of TV channel NewsOne, the economist Pavlo Sheremeta.

He noted the growth of the economy, although not significant, after the recession that was in the country.

“The first is a modest achievement, but whatever it was, we at least do not fall. By the way, our neighbors around you fall. In Ukraine, after the recession that we had, after all, began the ascent. Small, but it is,” – said Sheremet.

Second, as noted by the economist, the budget for 2016 is in a much healthier state than was the budget in 2014.

“I’m talking about the budget deficit, which is primarily connected with increase of tariffs, and in fact, with the recovery of “Naftogaz”. Because subsidy “Naftogaz” in 2014 was equal to today’s defense budget and was higher than all expenditures on health, education and culture combined. This is absurd. And it was supported by wealthy families, because they have big houses, they used more gas”, – said Sheremet.

Also one of the main indicators in the economy, he sees good momentum in some Ukrainian industries.

“That’s okay too, because for such a small and open economy, in Ukraine, we win on what economists call “comparative advantage.” But the advantage is the growth in the agricultural sector, as well as information technology show good growth. That is, we have “Islands” let not prosperity, but at least growth,” he said.

Earlier experts named the main locomotive of the economy of Ukraine in 2017. According to analysts of the ICU group, the main driving forces of economic growth in the current year will increase consumption and investment in fixed capital.