In Syria spotted the KAMAZ-63969

In the last few days thanks to a series of photos that spread through social networks and published directly from the suburbs of Aleppo, where at the moment the Russians are handing out humanitarian aid to the population, it was possible to observe the presence of the latest developments in the field of mine action funds of the Russian production.

The armored vehicle KAMAZ-63969 is one of the latest innovations in the family of a Typhoon, which can be considered the Russian equivalent of the American cars MRAP (mine-resistant ambush protected-protected from undermining and attack from ambush).

Created at the urging of the Kremlin program Typhoon came in 2010, when the Ministry of the armed forces of the Russian Federation has approved the scientific and technological development by 2020 bronetransporta for infantry, able to resist even the threat of improvised explosive devices, as well as more frequency of risks they can face in any combat zones.

In 2012, the Russian Minister of the armed forces signed the first contract for the implementation of the prototype located in Tatarstan company KAMAZ, which depends on the baseline chassis five versions of the Typhoon.

After two years at the military parade in honor of Victory Day in 2014, the audience was presented the first 12 Typhoons, pending structural retrofitting required under operating conditions in the fighting.

In 2013 KAMAZ-63969 was presented at the Russian arms exhibition (RAE) and at the exhibition of arms in Kazakhstan (Kadex) 2014.

In October 2016 the Russian armed forces confirmed the delivery of several models of KAMAZ 63696 forces special forces, located in the Tambov and Pskov.

The KAMAZ-63969 MRAP is a vehicle, designed on the basis of the body of trucks of the same Russian plant.

The Typhoon is presented as a universal armored vehicle, fitted with advanced defensive functions, guaranteeing the safety of transported units even in case of direct threat or explosion ambush is medium in size with an explosive device of high power.

It has been repeatedly stated that the conduct asymmetric attacks in different combat zones in Syria are widely used improvised explosive devices.

The outer frame consists of monoketones case of new steel and includes additional of the system ceramic ballistic protection in the most vulnerable areas, not counting the system absorb shocks for passengers.

Syria used weapons, pieces of which break, fall inside the armored car, leaving behind more victims than the explosions themselves. The Russian army received this obvious proof in the liberation of the historic city of Palmyra, on the clearance which took several weeks, which significantly constrained the operations for the introduction of Russian special forces in the city, which still sheltered the fighters of ISIS (banned terrorist organization).

Hundreds of experts sent by Vladimir Putin to Palmyra in the spring of 2016, according to official estimates, with its General Yuri Stavitsky, the commander of the engineering troops of the Russian armed forces have cleared about 234 hectares, 23 km of roads, 10 archaeological sites, the result was extracted a total of 2991 explosive device, of which 432 were homemade.

These figures allow us to understand that the presence of improvised explosive devices in urban spaces along with the use of traditional exploding mines and ambushes for Russian troops is the primary reason for the organization of safety working in this area units as advanced or not. But not only that: technological development in connection with such threat could cause open antagonism between the defense industry of the Kremlin and America, which evolved during operations in Afghanistan and Iraq in the early 2000s.

KAMAZ-63969 is committed to reducing damage to major threats, including red-hot shrapnel shells of caliber 14.5 mm, armor-piercing and incendiary shells B-32. The car is also equipped with a bulletproof shield for windshields and Windows for protection from large-caliber firearms on the territory of the fighting.

As in the classic American MRAP vehicles like the Cougar and Buffalo, the seats here can withstand tremors even from mines increased power, reducing possible physical damage from the blast. One of the aspects that can be considered quite innovative, but in any case useful is the filter CBRN threats that can reduce the impact of use of chemical weapons and biological agents throughout the hostilities.

In Syria, the need for such protection has repeatedly arisen due to threats from the people President Assad and the rebels. The use of chemical and/or biological weapons, primarily against the civilian population in some cases, it is almost proved in Syria that justifies such precautions when designing the vehicle.

In General, the use and development of this new car, is obviously included in the concept of efficiency of the Russian armed forces, once again adapting to new scenarios of warfare. Various analysts have noted the similarities between the KAMAZ-63969 with the BTR-82A, seen in Syria in September 2015.

Equipment of the BTR-82A is an advanced, but allows first of all to participate in the collision of heavy military equipment in the framework of the old military doctrine, which understands the theater of hostilities as a linear collision of two forces. The fight against ISIL terrorists is, by contrast, is asymmetric, which does not require the major weapons systems for its implementation, which in this preferred great protection of vehicles exposed to the threat from unexpected projectiles.

Vladimir Putin’s Russia, thus, adapt your Arsenal to the new geopolitical reality, the hallmark of which is a substantial change in the way of warfare and confront any threats.