Former U.S. Ambassador to Russia: the Future of Europe and Russia depends on Ukraine

Foreign partners should help the Ukrainian leaders to build a successful state, which will depend on the future of Europe. This opinion column for the New York Times was expressed by the former US Ambassador to Russia (2005-2008) William burns, the “GORDON”.

According to him, first and foremost, the U.S. must remain imposed against Russia sanctions and, if necessary, to tighten restrictive measures. In addition, the American leader needs to assure allies in Europe in absolute commitment to NATO.

As for Ukraine, burns said that the United States needs to be focused on it, as it affects the fate of Europe and Russia.

“The fate of Ukraine will be crucial for the future of Europe and Russia in the next generation. We are not talking about NATO or European Union membership. The idea is to help Ukrainian leaders to build a successful political system that Russia seeks to undermine,” – said ex-Ambassador.

Earlier William burns said that, if Putin does not get pliable government led by the President of Ukraine, he paralyzes her. According to him, being a realist, Putin understands the relative weakness of Russia, but regularly demonstrates that her powers are growing.