TOP 7 most common women’s mistakes in sex

For centuries in the minds of the women of the stereotype according to which men are lustful animals who don’t care who we sleep with, the main thing – as often as possible. But, believe me, men also need affection, warmth and love. Peopletalk is a ranking of the most common women’s mistakes in sex.

Just fell in loveresistance

Of course, women love attention from men and terribly jealous when it is directed in a different direction: work, computer, football, friends. Some women immediately are trying to regain positions through sex. But when sex becomes a weapon of manipulation, love and speech can not be. Sooner or later the man will feel it.

Ladies — forward
Some princesses believe that asking a man about sex is absolutely not a Royal. They believe that the guy should always achieve them myself. But many men admit that sometimes they still would like to see the initiator of the sex is a woman.

Excessive modesty

If you’re embarrassed of yourself, your body and accept compliments, man eventually get tired and change your mind and he will believe that you are not so good. To fish for compliments this way is not worth it.

Late conversations
Talking in bed – an indication that a person is anxious and cannot hide it. But it happens that at the crucial moment, you suddenly overtaken by a wave of panic and you ask a partner the question: “do You love me?” Well, or something like that. Remember, at this point the man any questions he couldn’t answer.


If you don’t like something in bed, why not tell your partner? Men admit that they would love to hear from women the truth, to understand how to act. After all, any normal man I do not want just to pleasure himself, but to deliver it to you.

Again, please
After a successful sex girl often require that partner immediate continuation of the “Banquet”. But the man usually so exhausted that he needed to rest. Try for a change to take the initiative in their hands and see what it’s like to be on top.

Shyness in bed

Many girls have a variety of taboos in the intimate sphere. Most of them imposed their own systems. Be careful not to seem in bed for funny or non-sexual. If the first time does not work, try again. Trust me man it will cause a lot of excitement.