Ukrainian chess player, Maria Muzychuk refused to go to the world Cup in Iran

Former world chess champion Ukrainian Mariya Muzychuk said that he would not go to the world Cup in Iran.

– As for the world Cup in Iran, I decided to refuse participation, as it is obvious that Iran is not a suitable country for such a prestigious competition. And it is wrong that those players who refuse to go to Iran and wear the hijab, just never lose the right to play in the world Cup.

My sister, Anya, has signed a contract. We talked to her about it, but for it to become a world champion – the dream of a lifetime.

We will remind that the world Cup in Iran will be held in February of this year. It is also known that in October last year, the chess player from the United States origin of the Georgian Nazi Paikidze-Barnes has refused to participate in the world Championships in Iran because of restrictions on the rights of women in this country.