The most famous spy of times of the Soviet-Finnish war of 1941-1944 failed and ended up in a psychiatric hospital

“March 1, 1943 Kerttu Nuorteva said that he changed his mind and wants to make a full confession” (from the transcript of the interrogation of Kerttu Nuorteva).

In September 1942 in Helsinki on the street Kasarmikatu arrested was a beautiful young woman. In Finland it was already known. The first time the name Kerttu Nuorteva (Kerttu Nuorteva) found in the archive of the police in 1932. Then interrogated the young man reported that he went to Petrozavodsk and went home to the editor of the newspaper “Iskra” is Nuorteva. Attention young man was attracted by the fact that this man wore the uniform of a red army officer.

First husband Kerttu Nuorteva was an officer of the Soviet army Alari Aho (Aho Jalmari), and her father is Nuorteva (Santeri Nuorteva) was one of the leaders of the Soviet Karelia. From Kerttu and Jalmari was born the son of Rama, but the Union collapsed, and Kerttu was married to a Soviet journalist.

In 1930 Kerttu Nuorteva began working for Soviet intelligence. Thus began her unhappiness.

During the “Great terror” in 1937, the chief Kerttu Nuorteva was executed on charges of espionage. Because Nuorteva in time not suspected “treachery”, she was sent to a camp in Kazakhstan. The period of stay in the camp ended in 1940, but it remained in Alma-ATA, where he moved with all her family. When the Great Patriotic war for the Finns — the Soviet-Finnish war or the continuation War she was recruited to perform espionage assignments in Finland.

During interrogation Nuorteva spoke several times about that task, she went voluntarily. She probably should talk to the Finns something else, so she had an escape route.

On the other hand, it eased the situation of her son and mother, who was taking care of him. Nuorteva said she will be in Finland with the job for three years. Believed that this time will be peace, but espionage activities must be continued.

“Your top agent is Ms. wuolijoki, which is pretty important writer in Finland. She is not young woman, but active and smart. She lives in the manor Jokela” (extract from Protocol of interrogation: it is the recommendation that was given to the Soviet agent Nuorteva).

Hella wuolijoki: writer, business woman, society lady. During the Winter war was a peacemaker and a spy in favor of the USSR. The door of the house of questionable women Nuorteva tapped in March 1942, after it was abandoned by parachute on the Finnish territory.

But not everything went according to plan. Wuolijoki refused to provide Nuorteva the work of the Secretary, which would become the cover.

Nuorteva went to Helsinki to cover the beginning to study to become a beautician. Many of the names of agents, given the Soviet intelligence service was wrong. Data violating her instructions, Nuorteva began to establish links with the Communists operated underground.

Soviet intelligence recruited brothers Kerttu — Matti and Pentti.

They were shot by the Finns in Petrozavodsk in April 1942. Most likely, Kerttu found out about it after he was captured.

She left her bag in the Luggage room in the Laundry room. In the bag were a radio transmitter. A curious old Ironing woman opened the bag and called the police, who arrested Nuorteva at the time of receiving the bags.

“I’ve never seen these people, and especially women who so proudly was willing to die for their country. She was as pretty as a picture, her eyes sparkled, and her courage, she reminded me of the ideal of my youth from the revolutionary past” (words of Hella wuolijoki from the interrogation Protocol in the case Kerttu Nuorteva).

First Nuorteva held firmly. But after months of interrogations, there was a crisis. It happened when she set up a meeting with a Communist defector Tuominen Arvo (Arvo Tuominen, a former head of the Communist party of Finland), who was a friend of her deceased father.

Recognition Nuorteva was deadly for vuolijoki. She recalled that the meeting with a young idealist who sparked memories of the 1905 revolution. At the time advocated for the independence of the Finns and the leftist forces of Russians fought on one front.

Wuolijoki explained that “extraordinary naivety”. Before the arrival of Nuorteva wuolijoki was passed to Moscow information that the young agent would never be able to. But didn’t know about it.

Rude attitude to have turned to her for help Nuorteva could be due to the fact that wuolijoki was offended: she was offered to play the role of assistant ordinary agent. Wuolijoki back from the Soviet Union the job of the utmost importance, which could be compared with the brokering of a peace Treaty after the Winter war.

Wuolijoki sentenced to life imprisonment. Nuorteva sentenced to death. Spiritually broken woman periodically was treated at a hospital for the mentally ill. One of the members of the intelligence network managed to shoot. Nuorteva was only saved by the conclusion of peace.

She returned to the Soviet Union, which was exposed thanks to agent condemned to ten years in prison and then to camp in Kazakhstan. As the son of reym was with her, she stayed after the liberation in Central Asia. She has a degree in civil engineering.

Nuorteva family gave all her ungrateful Soviet Homeland.