The woman returned the child to the hospital, saying that he’s ugly

The doctors of Santa Maria in Colombia recognized that the woman was unable to accept a newborn baby as a family member because of “errors in genetics”.

A resident of the Colombian city of Santa Maria refused to take from the hospital to her newborn grandson, saying that he was “too ugly to be her relative.”

According to “life” with reference to the Daily Mail, arriving at the hospital, the woman began to cry, stating that the employees of medical institutions switched her grandson. The story of the head of the Department of health Santa Maria Carlos Pajares, “she was dissatisfied”.

“She took the baby as a family member and decided to go back to the hospital with his mother to return the child. You need to accept the situation. Sometimes biology, genetics play an important role and make mistakes. We have to accept it,” said Carlos Pajares.

The mayor has already ordered that the woman was given necessary psychological help.