Trump intends to make Russia a situational ally – analyst

To date both Russia and the United States are willing to reduce the level of confrontation that emerged between these countries in recent years. The newly elected President of the United States Donald trump after his inauguration to mitigate sanctions against Russia, making her a bet, as the situational partner. Russian President Vladimir Putin, in turn, will try to bring Russia to the level of geopolitical players of the first magnitude. About it Segodnaya the Director of the Institute of socio-political designing “Dialogue” Andriy Miselyuk.

“As of today, it looks like that will be to mitigate the level of confrontation which has been under President Obama, because there is free will,” he said.

The expert notes that Russia will continue to take steps to reduce the degree of tension with the United States. Trump, in turn, takes the position that the accusations against Russia, in particular, in the implementation of the hacker attacks during the elections of the President of America, not proven. Upon taking office, he will attempt to soften the sanctions against Russia and to break the resistance of the original members of the Republican party that is.ll hardliners on Russia. Miseluk, suggests that part of the property trump can do it, especially given that the new elected President of the USA the maintenance of sanctions was a priority.

“This issue (the US sanctions against Russia – Ed.) will be the subject of bargaining. Already known for certain that the trump in its geopolitics tries to think like a big businessman – instead of the geopolitical interests of the United States, some strategic combinations, he will try to assess what is best from the point of view of income receiving any preferential treatment, says Miseluk, – Such a unified sanctions front against Russia, which was under the Obama administration and in Europe. Is such a “big American hole” that will fail to patch because trump is a supporter of pragmatic compromise, and he is inclined to consider Russia as a situational partner with whom you can negotiate with a leader who can find common ground and to enlist their support even in matters of trade wars”.

Meanwhile, Russia will keep a military conflict in the Donbas in a half frozen state, situational exacerbating or mitigating it, focusing, while, on Syria, said Miseluk.

“She has the sphere of its geopolitical interests. This issue is in the spotlight and regional players – Turkey, etc., and global such as the United States. And Putin will try thanks to this Syrian arm again to come back to him, a lot of what it has failed – the club’s geopolitical players of the first magnitude, that is, whose opinion should be listened to USA, other country,” he said.

Recall that in October 2016 and US intelligence agencies has officially accused Russia of cyber attacks on American political structures. Later , the CIA has accused Russia of hacking into the servers of the party Democratic party to help Donald Trump, who won the US presidential election.