US intelligence said there was evidence of Russian involvement in cyber attacks

Officials of the United States, representing the American intelligence, stated that they have “irrefutable evidence” that Russia passed through a third party website WikiLeaks materials obtained as a result of hacking attacks, according to Reuters.

It is noted that officials have not provided specific data, but merely indicate that a report is still in the work of the intelligence services of the USA. The names of the officials Reuters does not.

Earlier, the Senator from Republican party John McCain has saidthat potential cyber attacks, Russian political organizations in the US that could influence the election of the American President, was an “act of war”.

The US President-elect Donald trump at the same time, questioned the work of U.S. intelligence about possible cyber attacks. Trump on his Twitter page called a very strange that briefing, during which had to provide details of hacker attacks, has been postponed from Tuesday to Friday. The politician suggested that intelligence agencies needed more time to gather evidence.