Gas went up almost 10 times: how and why the rate is changing (infographic)

In Ukraine for two years, gas went up almost 10 times from 0.72-6.8 UAH per cubic meter. However, as experts note, at the moment, the tariff for natural gas is tied to the cost of imported gas, which in 2017 will rise. The Website “Today.ia” to find out why expensive natural gas for Ukrainians.

More than 20 years in Ukraine there were low gas prices, explain in the Ministry of economic development and trade (MEDT). From the budget for subsidies had to allocate billions of UAH (last year – 100 billion).

One of the conditions of obtaining loans from the International monetary and deficit reduction in the budget of the NJSC “Naftogaz”. The new rate is formed according to import parity.

Rates changed gradually.

Ukrainian and imported gas is sold at the same price and population, and industry – 6800 hryvnias per thousand cubic meters. Such a price, officials explained, will not only cover the deficit but also to invest in production of domestic gas.

According to the calculations of “Naftogaz”, Ukraine uses about 21 billion cubic meters of gas. Gas produced by state enterprises (about 13 billion cubic meters), NAC buys at the price of UAH 1590, imported gas – at $ 185 (about 4600 UAH). At the same time and of imported and Ukrainian gas to the population the European “blue fuel”.

According to calculations from the Ministry, the cost of imported gas are converted into hryvnia at the rate of 26.7 (as according to the forecast, it will cost a dollar in Ukraine in 2017) and to it was added 1146,5 UAH (VAT), UAH 219 (transmission tariff), 513,7 UAH (rate for gas distribution) and trading margin of the supplier (“Naftogaz”) – 57,4 UAH. The result was a rate of 6800 UAH per thousand cubic meters.