Finland started to pay citizens for 560 Euro, so I was looking for a job for the soul

Finland started to pay its unemployed citizens so-called basic income of 560 euros.

While the payments are held in the framework launched on 1 January of the experiment, which involved 2000 randomly selected citizens of the country, writes Delfi with reference to The Guardian.

Each month participants will receive a specified amount, and they won’t have any way to report on what they spend the money.

The idea was to allow the so-called disincentive problems of the unemployed and the poor. People rush to the part-time job or take a low rate. Others are afraid to take risks, start something new, because in case of failure, can lose the little that they already have. Basic income is expected to be freely to choose the work that suits everyone.

While authorities do not know how to behave like people who pay money just like that. Will they feel free to experiment with a range of activities or, as critics believe, finally spilled? “It is very interesting to see how money will make people act”, — said the representative of the Finnish state Agency for social benefits.

According to official data, the average income in the private sector in Finland is €3500 per month. The unemployment rate is 8.1%, or in absolute terms, 213 000 people from a 5.5-millionnov of the population.