Groysman: I Have a feeling that in 2017 will be an economic breakthrough

Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman believes that 2017 could bring substantial progress to the Ukrainian economy. He stated this in an interview Eспресо.TV.

In his opinion, the main indicators are not numbers, and that the people feel the change.

“I have a very clear feeling that we will be able to provide a breakthrough in 2017, high-quality economic growth. It is important that this economic growth was feedback. The numbers 1-2-3% doesn’t interest me, for they are important, but I would like one to feel. When people feel that the situation is changing that today is not simple, and is today understood the situation and expected situation in the future, is the most important thing “, – said the Prime Minister.

He noted that the most important in the Ukrainian economy is: earn funds in the budget of the country from the development of national economy and give an honest redistribute. The Prime Minister stressed that a fair redistribution of the money of the state budget in favor of citizens gives the opportunity to take steps to improve social standards.

Groisman noted that the growth of the economy will allow people to get out of the poverty zone.

“Economic development is the Foundation on which we can build a variety of activities that will allow you to pull people out of the poverty in which they are chronically decades. Enough people suffer in such a beautiful country like Ukraine, from the fact that their standard of living is quite low, ” he added.