Edition Segodnaya wishes you a happy New year!

Dear readers! Edition Segodnaya wishes you a happy New year. Let it be, first and foremost, peace.

2016 bygone year was challenging: Ukraine has experienced political crisis and the increase in utility tariffs, in addition, we have not received a visa-free regime with Europe, the continued war in the Donbass.

But despite the difficulties, the country has retained the European vector of development, and the economy began to grow gradually. Our country can be proud of the results of 2016 – and it’s not only sports and cultural victory. Ukrainians have shown that they can surprise the world:

In difficult times, the Ukrainians could become more humane and kinder to each other, and identified the most loyal and true friends.

Next year, dear readers, we wish you only good news! But whatever happens, the editors Segodnaya every day with you, telling about the most important.

Let you in the New year accompanied by faith and hope, and love lives in your hearts!

We wish you success and good in 2016!