Our military is our business

Nasz Dziennik: Russia through its permanent representative to NATO Alexander Grushko criticized the message of Poland that is going to acquire 70 cruise missiles JASSM ER. So, when armed with Russia — that’s fine, but when others want to take care of their own security is bad?

Zapalovsky Andrzej (Andrzej Zapałowski): this is diplomacy. This element of the game, for diplomacy of the normal behavior of the warring parties, and in this case — military blocs. It would be strange if Russia stopped this topic, and even more strange — if we pay attention to the opinion of Moscow, which does not spare criticism and blames everyone around. The essence of deterrence lies in the possession of both forces, which can provide a real defense, and (of course, to the extent that we can afford it) means to conduct counter-attacks in the territory for defensive lines of the enemy.

— As the purchase of cruise missiles, JASSM will help the security of Poland and Europe?

— If to speak about the conflict with such state as Russia, their role will be, in fact, insignificant. Let’s not forget that Moscow has many times more missiles and their means of delivery than in Poland. However, the lack of such weapons in the Polish Arsenal was a mistake. We need not only to create powers of territorial defense, but have offensive means. When I heard the word “enemy”, we automatically imagine Russia, but the threat can come from the other side. In addition, our army, protecting Polish citizens or its interests, may lead the action away from our territory, and this requires capacity-building.

— The weapons we really need, or is it partly that by buying F-16 aircraft, we have to buy “the set” with them it is these and not some other rocket?

— Polish aviation need weapons for those aircraft that we have in our army. Otherwise, it is a pity to spend money on such expensive cars, as the F-16 aircraft.

— As far as the purchase of cruise missiles would strengthen our deterrent, and if they can change the balance of power in the region?

— You should not have any illusions that a few dozen missiles JASSM ER significantly change the balance of power in our region. On its own we can inflict only very limited losses which, if we take as an example of modern Russia’s capabilities, will not cause serious impact on his military capability. Meanwhile, the opportunity to take the kick has a very great psychological value. However, in the case of the emergence in Europe of the conflict is a huge opportunity for the application of such attacks will have forty thousand American soldiers who are on multiple bases in Germany.

We may feel that our safety is increased, or Vice versa?

In this respect, significant changes also will not be. The situation would have been different if Poland had modern missile defense systems and would cover their entire country, and at the same time received a conventional long-range missiles of a class “earth-earth”. Then our security capability would be more solid, but it is a matter of the distant future.

— Initially these missiles was planned to buy much less. Why is the size of the order decided to increase?

— It is difficult to say what is affected. Anyway the number of ordered defense Ministry cruise missiles will allow our aircraft to land two hits.

— Missiles that we buy, is a good weapon?

The advantage of these rockets is that they are difficult to detect. They can destroy, in particular, the missile system of the enemy guidance systems or command posts. Recall that the warhead weight is about 500 pounds, so they cannot be used, for example, for the destruction of tactical formations.

— Still no word on the offset program. It’s a bad omen, especially that the offset transaction when buying F-16 was a failure.

— On what we called offset deals, Poland has always lost more than I won. Remember how many of these deals actually brought us? Unfortunately, we have always had this issue, it began with the government of the Electoral Action “Solidarity” (1997-2001, approx. TRANS.).

— How justified is the optimism of the Ministry of defence, which believes that the purchase of cruise missiles reinforces our position as a reliable ally of the United States?

— Drastic changes will not be here, because these cruise missiles indirectly will remain under US control. I recall that in the means of their delivery, that is, the F-16 aircraft equipped with electronic equipment that control our American allies.

— Russia faces consequences…

— That on the purchase of Poland’s JASSM ER missiles, says the Kremlin does not pay attention. Another thing, if we were buying nuclear missiles, then Russia, like other States, would have the right to Express their opinion. And the quality and quantity of armaments of the Polish army — it is solely our business.

— How do you assess the statement of General Ben Hodges (Ben Hodges), who said in an interview with the German press that the new us administration and President trump will not seek to conclude an agreement with Russia at the cost of interests of Europeans and did not withdraw troops from Europe?

— I suppose it will remain, will remain the status quo. The withdrawal of American troops from Germany means creating a space for the intensification of German-Russian cooperation, which are very afraid in Washington (especially the economic sphere). The Americans will retain its military forces in Germany not because they want to protect allies, but because they pursue their own interests. Another question, what justification they choose, but this is the area of the political game between the US and Russia.