The Telegraph (UK): armed black militia threatens to create “their own nation”

Fear of violent clashes during the sweeping U.S. protests this week have increased due to the fact that an armed group of blacks staged a show of force.

Approximately 2 500 members of the organization of the NFAC (the acronym stands for Not F*****g Around Coalition, which can be translated as “a Coalition of serious-minded” — approx. transl.) Saturday took to the streets of Louisville, Kentucky, joined the protest March against police violence, zastrelitsia in March, the 26-year-old black nurse Breanna Taylor (Breonna Taylor).

These men in black field uniforms with guns in their hands numbers far exceeded a small group of members of the far-right paramilitary group “Three percent”, which also took part in the demonstration.

Police separated those groups with only one incident when three members of the coalition were slightly injured due to accidental discharges.

However, the appearance in the street two armed groups indicates that in the future such demonstrations are unlikely to pass peacefully given the violent protests and use of force that swept the United States after the murder of the police in may in Minneapolis to George Floyd.

The coalition NFAC is separate from the movement “black Life is important”. Its leader, nicknamed “Grandmaster Jay” (his name is John Fitzgerald Johnson) made it clear that the coalition is prepared to use violence.

“We are all former military, we are disciplined and we all know how to shoot, he said, giving an interview recently. We do not want negotiations, we want to sing songs, we do not bring on a firefight banners. We are an organization that operates under the principle of “an eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.”

NFAC is somewhat similar to the organization of the Black Panthers from the 1960-ies. According to Johnson, a militant separatist group.

“The solution is very simple, he said. — We call for a Declaration of freedom. We declare all the descendants of the African slaves and victims of human trafficking in the United States the political prisoners.”

“After that the US will have a choice. Here they give us a piece of land — we’ll take Texas and will go about their business, or we’ll have the outcome from here, going there, where we will give land for the construction of our own nation”.

The group first attracted attention in early July, when about 200 activists marched in Georgia in the Park stone mountain, where the bas-reliefs of Confederate soldiers.

NFAC specifically chose this place associated with birth Kukluxklan in the 1920-ies, hoping to provoke a clash with the extreme right. However, the militias of the “Three percent” is nowhere to be seen, and the coalition declared victory.

“I don’t see white fighters, these boys, dancing Boogie-woogie, these tripotential and other scared to death of white Hillbillies,” — shouted into a megaphone, one activist.

In August 2017 in Charlottesville, Virginia, there were clashes between extremists, and then the rally for the unification of the right wing ended with the death of the participant response protest.

The appearance on the scene NFAC means the escalation of tensions, and this causes fears of a serious confrontation between left and right. “I think the threat of violence is real. These two groups are armed,” said associate Professor of communication faculty of Chicago University. Loyola Decock Julia (Julia DeCook), who study extreme right-wing movements.

“On the right wing paramilitary groups intensified. These people want to wage war. People are beginning to understand how serious the threat posed by paramilitary organizations. The fact of the emergence of groups of armed black citizens horrified by such organizations as the “Three percent”. It is a powder keg, and we should be ready for this.”

During Saturday’s protest movement, “black Life is important” in Austin, Texas, one person was killed. According to available information, the victim was a protester with a rifle, which approached the car and was shot by the driver.

It also reported fierce clashes between police and protesters that occurred on weekends in other cities.

In Seattle, police used pepper spray and stun grenades to restore order, when the demonstrators began breaking Windows and setting houses on fire, including a correctional institution for juvenile offenders.

At least 45 people were arrested and several demonstrators and police were injured. The city police chief Carmen best (Best Carmen) called the protests a riot.

In Portland the black movement, protests have been going on for two months. In clashes at the building of the Federal court for military veterans, fathers and mothers joined the nurses in the medical form, and together they held a demonstration against the presence in the city of Federal agents.

In Oakland, California, protesters set fire to the courthouse and started to throw fireworks at the police. Also reported clashes in the suburbs of Denver, where he was shot and killed one demonstrator.

In Chicago, where Donald trump sent Federal troops, hosted a series of demonstrations. The participants of one of them demanded to deprive the police of funding. Participants in another meeting, which was held under the slogan “In support of the blue”, was supported by law enforcement.