Breitbart (USA): Rashahat 2.0? Angela Merkel says she has “solid evidence” Russia hacked into her email

Repeating does not reasonable approval of the candidate-the loser in the presidential election in Hillary Clinton, German Chancellor Angela Merkel says she has “solid evidence” of hacking into her email account by operatives of the Russian intelligence.

Dr. Merkel said that “cyber-confusion and distortion of the facts” are part of “strategy of Russia”, adding the following: “unfortunately, I came to the conclusion that it’s not new.”

“I can honestly say that it causes me pain. Every day I’m trying to build a better relationship with Russia, and on the other hand, there is solid evidence that Russian forces are engaged in this,” said Merkel, the German Parliament.

Merkel’s statements followed the article in the German magazine “der Spiegel”, which quoted anonymous sources within the government about the fact that Russian military intelligence GRU hacked hacking method e-mails ladies-Chancellor in 2015 year.

The article claimed that the alleged attacker acted out of Moscow, using the alias “Scaramouche”. This intruder managed to get into the mailboxes of the German Parliament, especially targeting two separate e-mail Mrs. Merkel.

“In accordance with the experts, a total of approximately 16 gigabytes of information just “leaked”. Part of this leakage can be thousands of e-mails from the office of Merkel,” — says the article published in Spiegel.

The article further acknowledges, however, that now “cannot be established with absolute certainty”, what information is received by the hacker.

The current approval Merkel is reminiscent of a previous scandal in which the Obama administration was accused of espionage [by listening to phone] German leader.

Who in 2013 made public leaks related to the work of the American national security Agency (NSA, in English abbreviation NSA), was released by whistleblower Edward Snowden and these leaks have convincingly shown that the Obama administration listened to and recorded conversations of the German Chancellor Mrs. Merkel. The German newspaper subsequently reported separately in the published material, that Obama personally admitted that he gave the green light to the surveillance in 2010.

At a time when these allegations [about the spying on Merkel] was published, the White House refused to admit, was watched by the Americans for Mrs Merkel or not. The American side only said that at the moment the NSA is not listening on more phone of MS Merkel. The United States also announced that it does not intend to conduct an audition in the future.

In response to the Snowden revelations Merkel for the kind of scolding President Obama, saying: “the Espionage against friends is unacceptable.”

President Obama later admitted: it turns out that “there is no doubt that Snowden’s revelations have ruined the image of the US government in the eyes of the Germans and prevented cooperation between our intelligence services.”

Germany however closed the criminal case on the fact of wiretapping of his own Chancellor in 2015-m to year. The reason the Germans indicated an unwillingness to cooperate with the authorities in Germany by the us national security Agency — the NSA.

Together with the Merkel press conference in 2017, the year President Donald trump remarked that he, the President, Donald trump has something in common with Angela Merkel. Namely, that each of them was following Obama. While trump was referring to the claim that Obama launched listening to the headquarters of the Republican presidential candidate is the famous Trump Tower — during the election period 2016-th year.

“With regard to phone records, it seems to me that the last presidential administration of the USA [the Obama administration] has used this General tactic [wiretapping] to both of us,” said trump, making a hinting gesture towards Merkel.