Today in Ukraine becomes more expensive alcohol

Today, September 9, comes into force the government decision No. 634 on raising the minimum wholesale release and retail prices on separate types of alcoholic beverages.

In particular, the minimum retail price of vodka and alcoholic beverage products will grow by 14.0-19,41%;

whisky, rum and gin 6.5-6.6 per cent;

cognac (brandy) – 12.3-29.1 per cent;

wine with added alcohol, sparkling 7.1 to 13.3%.

According to the innovations of today, the cheapest bottle of vodka 0.5 liters (with alcohol content of 40%) will cost UAH 79,55;

bottle 0.5 liters of whiskey (alcohol content 40%) – 159,80 UAH;

a bottle of cognac “three stars” of 0.5 liters (with alcohol content of 40%) – 119,46 UAH;

a bottle of cognac “five stars”, 0.5 liters (with alcohol content of 40%) – 138,52 UAH;

a bottle of grape wine 0.75 liters – of 39.64 UAH, and a bottle of natural wines with addition of alcohol 0.75 liters – 48,21 UAH.

In addition, the minimum retail price of wines in glass containers with a capacity of 0.7 liter or 0.75 liter will be 79,19 UAH.

The last time the minimum alcohol prices were revised in November 2016. The Ministry of economic development and trade assured from the moment the market situation has changed dramatically and there is a need to raise prices.

How to buy legal alcohol, expert advice:

  • To buy alcohol is better in large specialized stores
  • Excise stamp must be complete, if you wish, you can request the certificate on alcohol
  • The cost of alcohol should not be less than the minimum prices established by the Cabinet of Ministers